Vice President Joseph Boakai of Liberia

Joseph Boakai was born on 30 November 1944 in Worsonga, Foya District, Lofa County to illiterate parents, He is married to Kartumu Boakai and they have 4 children.
Boakai is a religious Christian, and is a Deacon of the Effort Baptist Church.
Boakai is a graduate of the College of West Africa, the University of Liberia, and Kansas State University, which he attended on a USAID grant.
While Minister of Agriculture, Boakai chaired the 15 nation West African Rice Development Association.
Vice President Joseph Boakai says there are great prospects for oil palm and palm kernel production in Liberia.
VP Boakai was speaking when the Nigeria based B” Safiddine Limited paid a courtesy call on him.
Vice President Boakai is reported to have asked the Senators to rethink and share notes over Morlu’s action and be given another chance for deliberation.
Joseph Boakai is the vice president of the Republic of Liberia.
Boakai is a graduate of Kansas State University in the United States.
It may be recalled that the UPF/IIFWP-Liberia Chapter recently launched a National Peace Council of Liberia at a conference of West Africa Peace Ambassadors at the Monrovia City Hall, at which time Vice President Joseph Boakai was commissioned a Peace Ambassador among several prominent Liberians and some regional parliamentarians.
Boakai is a purpose driven and focused patriotic individual who believes in putting country first above all else.
Boakai has served his country as Chief Executive Officer and the first Liberian Resident Manager of the Liberia Produce Marketing Corporation (LPMC) from 1973-1980; Managing Director of the Liberia Produce Marketing Corporation (LPMC) from 1980-1982; Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC) in 1992; and Minister of Agriculture from 1983-1985.
Boakai has served as member and chairman of many boards, including the Liberia Finance and Trust Corporation; Star Radio; LOIC; Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary; Bethesda Christian Mission; Monrovia College Advisory Board; Monrovia YMCA; LUSU Resource Corporation; and the Rotary Club of Monrovia.
A graduate of the University of Liberia where he read Business Administration, Vice President Boakai has also completed studies in Grain Storage and Marketing from Kansas State University and received an Advanced Management Certificate (GIMPA) from Ghana.
Boakai has attributed the educational advances made in Liberia over the years to the sacrifices of Christian Church institutions.
Vice President Boakai was speaking at his Sinkor office Wednesday, when a two-man delegation from the New York based Faith to Face Ministries, accompanied by the Monrovia Committee of Pastors Restoration Conference, paid a courtesy call on him.
4 November 2008 - Liberias Vice President Joseph Boakai has said that in order to re-electrify the country, rehabilitation of the countrys hydro plant is still a major priority.
Boakai has lauded the visiting US based Liberian Trade and Medical Mission for its initiative to help war-torn Liberia.
Veep Boakai said that up to presence, Nigeria continues to contribute significantly to Liberia's development especially at the level of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the united national Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), the Banking.
Boakai said that includes training a new work force, rebuilding schools, hospitals and banks, and harnessing the countys rich natural resources that became the spoils of war.
During a national tour of Liberian diaspora communities that include Rhode Island, Boakai said his homeland is seeking private investment, such as a $1-billion agreement forged in 2005 with Mittal Steel for mining iron ore.
At the Urban League, Boakai expressed hope that Liberia will continue to work free of corruption that previously formed the bedrock of our society, and maintain the fragile peace established after the decades-long war ended in 2003.
Although some Liberians are returning, Boakai said the wars devastation makes it impossible, for now, to support a wholesale return.
Expressing his delight over the opening of the factory for the first time in Liberia, Boakai said the packaging oil in Liberia had been part of government’s plant to fulfill the made-in-Liberia dream.
In San Diego, Vice President Boakai was introduced to sailing.
The next year, Boakai was elected its president.
Boakai has paid homage to Liberian women who he said Bore the brunt of the Liberian conflict and served as bread winners for their families at the height of the war.
Vice President Joseph Boakai says rehabilitation of the hydro plant is still a major priority, and as such, government is working in that direction to ensure that the country is re-electrified.
Liberia's VP Reiterates Country's Support for AFRICOMLiberian Vice President Joseph Boakai said Liberia stands by its decision to support the proposed US.
Joseph Boakai said the long years of war and congestion in Monrovia had made waste management a headache to the city’s authorities.
Vice-President Boakai expressed the gratitude of the Government and people of Liberia to the Federal Republic of Germany for providing funds for the programme.
Performing the inauguration ceremony, Vice President Joseph Boakai said the launch of the Kofi Annan Institute for Conflict Transformation is a practical manifestation of the Liberias desire for long-lasting peace.
Liberian Vice President Joseph Boakai said Liberia stands by its decision to support the proposed US.
Vice President Boakai says Liberia is a sovereign state and has the right to make decisions in its interest.
However, Vice President Boakai said fragile peace in Liberia was not an admission that security was still a significant problem for Liberia.
Vice President Boakai said the government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf asked the legislators to consider the matter based on the demands of the international community.
Vice President Boakai said President Sirleaf has the option to veto the vote or accept it.
Vice President Boakai said Liberia stands by its decision to support AFRICOM.
Boakai has paid tribute to Nigeria for standing by Liberia during its civil conflict.
Boakai has reiterated his call on Liberians to shun violence and unite to ensure the success of the Poverty Reduction Strategy.
Boakai says he is impressed with the level of political consciousness that has taken root in Liberia.