Minister of Education Joseph Korto of Liberia

Joseph Korto was born in Barpa, Nimba County, Liberia.
Korto has a background as a teacher.
Joseph Korto said this in:Country Receives One Million Text Books From President Bush3weeksago from AllAfrica.
Korto is also expected to discuss the cardinal role culture plays in the enhancement of teaching and learning in the West African nation.
Joseph Korto is a Liberian politician and member of the Liberia Equal Rights Party (LERP.
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Building more schools, particularly in poor and disadvantaged areas.
given a chance and the opportunity to learn.
Joseph Korto has disclosed that about 500,000 school children are presently benefiting from his ministry and the World Food Programme (WFP) school feeding program across the country.
Minister Korto says President Sirleaf assured the faculty association that she would examine their grievances; he said the faculty informed the president that they would respond to her request on Wednesday.
Minister Korto says he sympathizes with the concerns of the faculty.
Regarding the faculty demand to replace Conteh, Korto says only President Sirleaf has the authority to make this decision.
Joseph Korto has threatened that government will institute tough action against the UL administration if allegations made by the students are found to be legitimate.
Korto said the government, which came to power last year, wanted Liberia to return to the good old days before the civil war of the 1990s.
Meanwhile, Minister Korto has clarified that he did not stop the El-McIntosh school from graduating students who successfully passed the WAEC exams.
Joseph Korto was smuggled out of the Port Saturday evening and attempted off loading on Camp Johnson Road at the PUSH Computer Institute before being intercepted by Customs officers.
Education Minister Joseph Korto says he's not surprised by the magnitude of the problems his ministry inherited.
Korto said the rules were the government's way of "instilling moral discipline in our young people.
Joseph Korto is Liberia’s minister of education.
Korto said WAEC is responsible for the production and distribution of the exams, and that although an investigation is underway, preliminary investigation intothe leakage points to the WAEC office in Monrovia.
Citing other education experts from around Africa, Korto said exam leakage is a common occurrence worldwide and in Africa.
Korto said students will not be allowed to graduate unless they take the rescheduled WAEC exam.
Korto said the Liberian ministry of education had to postpone the exam because according to him, once an exam is leaked as, the reliability and integrity has been compromised.