Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism Lawrence Bropleh of Liberia

Bropleh is a Methodist Church Prelate.
Speaking to journalists over the weekend, Rev.
Bropleh said the security situation in the country is calm and that there are no rebel activities anywhere in the country as is being speculated.
Bropleh says he will show up to explain, but he has requested the house to postpone the day because of his engagement with other activities.
Bropleh said he was saddened when he read that female journalists were being forced to have sex for information.
As to whether they will make an arrest, we don’t know, because Minister Bropleh is saying that Mae should go to the Information Ministry and give proof of which journalists, the ministers have slept with”, said Robert Azango.
Bropleh said President Sirleaf, in her speech Monday, promised to deal ruthlessly with corruption by prosecuting those who he caid continue to engage in corruption.
Bropleh said although the priorities of the new poverty reduction strategy are many, the government is trying to focus on key sectors.
Bropleh said the new poverty reduction strategy would be paid for through wise management of resources and help from international donors.
Bropleh said was prompted by an audit report released by the General Auditing Commission of Liberia linking the company to mismanagement of the funds.
Lawrence Bropleh has taken over as the Minister of Information designate pending confirmation by the Liberian senate.
Lawrence Bropleh is a minister of the gospel who has huge international clout as a permanent representative of the Liberian Council of Churches.
Bropleh was Director of African initiatives and senior minister for the UMC Baltimore-Washington Conference.
Bropleh said President Sirleaf takes exception to the auditor generals statements because he said the auditor general has yet to audit a single government ministry or agency.
Information Minister, Lawrence Bropleh has revealed that unless the young people are protected against Rape and Sodomy, the future of Liberia stands to be bleak.
Speaking at the Information Ministry, Minister Bropleh said as a result of the action, the victims wound protruded and that there is likelihood of her not bearing child or children in her entire life.
Describing the act as mere wickedness, Minister Bropleh said the girl will never realize her dreams.
Minister Bropleh said though there is rape law currently in full implementation; he realized that people are still raping children who are living with what he considered as nightmare.
Bropleh said the Liberian government delegation was able to get the Ghanaian government to release the 600 Liberian refugees that were being detained.
Bropleh denied the Liberian government was trying to buy time.
Bropleh said the government would embark upon an information campaign to educate Liberians at home and abroad about the new Liberian Renaissance.
Bropleh said Liberia is safe despite the fact that the government has in the past week arrested a number of people for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
Bropleh is that, the President gave orders for the demolition of market or make-shift markets in Monrovia.
That has now been sent to the court, and the grand jury indictment will take place and be forward to the court for prosecution,"Bropleh said President Sirleaf, in her speech Monday, promised to deal ruthlessly with corruption by prosecuting those who he caid continue to engage in corruption.
But Bropleh said the indictment of Chairman Bryant would put current and past government officials on notice.
Bropleh said President Sirleaf accepted Mr.
Knuckles as many had thought she would because Bropleh said the president did not want to respond to those who he said had given her an ultimatum to sack Mr.
Minister Bropleh said the present figure has far exceeded the six hundred thousand listed in previous years.
Minister Bropleh said while the government cannot claim total victory in its fight against corruption thus far, eliminating the corrupt practices continues to pose some challenges to the Liberian Government especially in a county evolving from a broken political system and a malformed economy.
Bropleh has maintained that the Government is making steady progress in all fronts despite these challenges.
Minister Bropleh said the Government of Liberia has approved a structural design that will serve as a model for the construction of schools in Liberia.
Now, if Towah thinks that Bropleh has told a lie regarding the total number students in the schools of Liberia, what are Towah's numbers and how did he obtain them? Towah, could we see your numbers, please?Towah states that he has "mist feeding" when the correct word he should use is "mixed feelings" on ZMHS to be turned into a junior college.
Example, Towah states that the Information Minister, Bropleh has stated erroneously that 1.
Where is the proof that Bropleh is wrong? Does your client, Towah have figures that are unlike Bropleh's? If so, why didn't Towah produce his numbers?Most Liberians know or have heard that Bropleh is the Minister of Information in Liberia.
Lawrence Bropleh is Liberia’s minister of information.
Lawrence Bropleh is Liberia 's minister of information.
But Bropleh said Bryant has no immunity.
Bropleh said Bryant is not telling the truth.
Bropleh said if Bryant feels he has done nothing wrong, he should go to the court to be judged by a jury of his peers.
Information Minister Lawrence Bropleh said the government wants to emphasise that Liberia is not a free-for-all country when it comes to adoption.
Bropleh said most of those doing the adopting are connected with organisations based principally in the United States and in Liberia.
A confident Bropleh is standing his ground, asserting that Muslims have the right to receive the same recognition as Christians in Liberia.
Information Minister Lawrence Bropleh said the president will tell members of parliament that the state of the country under her two-year leadership is secured with an economy that is getting stronger by the day.
Bropleh said President Sirleaf is aware of the fact that everything is not okay and cannot be okay in two years.
Bropleh said the fact that the alleged coup plotters are in jail shows that the Sirleaf government’s policy for securing the country is functional.
Bropleh said President Bush’s upcoming visit to Liberia is a testament to President Sirleaf’s leadership.