Ambassador to the US Milton Nathaniel Barnes of Liberia

Barnes was the finance minister of Liberia under Charles Taylor from 1999-2001.
In 2006, Barnes was appointed Liberia's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations.
Juan Almeida Bosques, Vice President, Republic of Cuba, Ambassador Barnes is now officially accredited as Liberia’s Ambassador to Cuba.
After the official ceremonies, Ambassador Barnes was pleased to honor the tradition of laying a wreath at the monument of Jose Marti, patron of the Republic of Cuba.
Ambassador Barnes took full advantage of the warm welcome, hospitality and sincere good will of the Government and people of the Republic of Cuba, by actively engaging several high level government officials including H.
Most significantly, Ambassador Barnes received an official letter proposing that a fact finding mission go to Monrovia in April 2008 in order that representatives of both governments hold consultations that will ultimately result in the signing a formal Joint Commission for Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the Governments of the Republic of Liberia and the Republic of Cuba.
Ambassador Barnes comes from a legacy of public servants.
Roland Barnes was instrumental in representing Liberia by taking a leadership role at the Law of the Sea Forum, which developed legislation governing global ocean rights.
In September of 1999, Ambassador Barnes was appointedas Minister of Finance, Republic of Liberia, and held that position until July 2002.
Milton Nathaniel Barnes is the present ambassador of Liberia to the UN.
Nathaniel Barnes was appointed Ambassador & Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Republic of Liberia.
In September, Barnes was named Liberian ambassador after serving two years as Liberian ambassador to the United Nations.
After beginning his collegiate education at the University of Liberia, Barnes came to the US.
Barnes has said that education will receive the largest portion of the country’s budget.
Liberias Ambassador-designate to the United States, Ambassador Milton Nathaniel Barnes has disclosed that if confirmed by the Liberian Senate, he will lobby for US investors to come to Liberia.
Barnes was a founder and leader of Liberia’s Destiny Party and participated in his country’s Presidential campaign last year on the platform of reconciliation, positive change and self-reliance.
Barnes has a Master of Business Administration in finance from Pace University in New York and a Bachelor of Science in finance and risk management from Rider College in New Jersey.
Barnes and his wife then settled in Nashville, Tennessee, and Barnes took a position as an analyst with a major telecommunications company.
In 1996, Barnes was able to fulfill his desire to return to Liberia, where he worked as an analyst for the Ministry of Finance.
In May 2006, Barnes was appointed Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Republic of Liberia.
Barnes is ably representing Liberia and assisting President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and the entire people of Liberia in lifting the stature of the country among the comity of nation thus attaining Liberia's strategic and developmental goals.
Nathaniel Barnes is one of the opposition party leaders that form of the Unity Party led government and continues to restlessly work in the interest of the Liberians people, Destiny party observed.
Milton Nathaniel Barnes was born on April 6, 1954; the second of four children of Roland T.