Minister of State for Financial and Economic Affairs Morris Saytumah of Liberia

Saytumah was born on October 22, 1955, in Gborgbeh Town, Bomi County.
Saytumah has experience in both the public and private sectors.
Morris Saytumah was involved in similar practice of feeding presidential travel documents to the management of Ophelia Travel Agency, an airline run by Monrovia City Mayor, Ophelia Hoff-Saytumah, who happens to be the wife of the economic advisor.
Speaking to reporters Tuesday at the Unity Conference Center in Virginia, Minister Saytumah denied that he assaulted Mr.
Pajibo said the behavior of Minister Saytumah is an act of violence against Mr.
Deputy Minister of State for Economics at the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs, Morris Saytumah is whisking off the dust that covered his personality following a rancour that erupted between him and Auditor General John Morlu at Tuesdays Budget Hearing at the Unity Conference Center in Virginia.
Morlus report to the Legislature is incomplete and can not withstand the competence requirement as prescribed under the Code of Conduct of the American Institute of Certified Accountant (AICPA), Saytumah said as being the cause of the disruption.