Head of Government (Prime Minister) Otmar Hasler of Liechtenstein

Prime Minister Otmar Hasler said in Brussels the tiny principality wanted to reach a "reasonable agreement" with neighbours calling for greater transparency as they hunt for billions of euros (dollars) hidden from the taxman.
Prime Minister Hasler said Liechtenstein was prepared to conclude accords on banking reforms that were on the table but it was unclear whether this would address the demands of Germany and other EU states.
Striking a conciliatory tone, Hasler said "an agreement on fighting fraud" that his country is negotiating with the European Union "goes in the direction" of German demands.
administration,” Liechtenstein Prime Minister Otmar Hasler said in the release.
part in finding a reasonable agreement," Hasler said in a statement.
Prime Minister Otmar Hasler has reportedly told the Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung that the reform process has already begun and I support it being continued.
Writing in the European edition of the Financial Times, Hasler said the small country's banking system had twice been inspected and approved by the International Monetary Fund (IMF.
Liechtenstein, whose reputation has been sullied by a global tax evasion scandal, is ready to reform its banking system, Prime Minister Otmar Hasler said in an interview published Saturday.
Hasler was set to arrive in Berlin Tuesday evening and meet on Wednesday with Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Our aim is to achieve a successful conclusion of the comprehensive tax fraud agreement that is currently under negotiation," Otmar Hasler said after signing a deal on joining Europe's border-free area of 24 nations.
Of course, we will continue to represent the legitimate interests of our citizens in these negotiations, as our European partners do," Hasler said in a statement.
And this will be prosecuted in Liechtenstein," Prime Minister Hasler said earlier.