Minister for Culture Rita Kieber-beck of Liechtenstein

Kieber-Beck is a member of the Progressive Citizens' Party.
Kieber-Beck said at the inauguration.
Kieber-Beck has held the office of foreign minister since April 2005 and before was deputy head of government.
Kieber-Beck said being a small state gives Liechtenstein the opportunity to raise issues that might be difficult for other countries to raise, as Liechtenstein does not have a military or any alliances to other countries.
Kieber-Beck said Lichtenstein is a firm supporter of the International Criminal Court, but that the international community needs to work together to better define a crime of aggression, one of the four reasons the ICC could be called to rule on a situation.
Kieber-Beck was the keynote speaker for the program titled, “Does Soft Power Apply to All? The Role of Small States in Multilateral Organizations.
Kieber-Beck was asked how one becomes a citizen in Liechtenstein.
Foreign Minister Rita Kieber-Beck said that Liechtenstein enterprises should be able to carry out their business activities internationally under the same conditions as their competitors from other countries.
Marion Frick-Tabarelli, and also by Robert Wallner, the Chief Prosecutor.