Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius of Lithuania

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After graduation from the 22nd secondary school in Vilnius, Kubilius was accepted to the Vilnius University and studied in the Faculty of Physics until 1979.
Soon after the re-establishment of Lithuania's independence Kubilius was elected to the Seimas (parliament.
Since then Kubilius has been an active figure in Lithuanian politics.
On November 27, 2008 Kubilius was officially appointed as the Prime Minister of Lithuania.
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Kirkilas is still acting Prime Minister of Lithuania.
Kubilius is officially appointed as Prime Minister of LT, with accordance with article 84 and article 92 of the LT Constitution; but yes he has 15 d.
Kubilius was interviewed by the news agency ELTA before the start of the European Union (EU) summit in Brussels.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, Kubilius is to meet with parliamentary groups.
In his meetings with Speaker of the Polish Sejm Bronisław Komorowski and Speaker of the Polish Senate Bogdan Borusewicz, Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius discussed energy challenges rising for our region and the entire Europe, the topicality of which has once again been proved by Russia-Ukraine dispute over gas supply.
During his first bilateral visit in Warsaw Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius met with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and discussed all strategic partnership issues.
30 (local time) Andrius Kubilius meets with President of the Republic of Poland Lech Kaczyński (Warsaw.
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Kubilius has already had one brief spell as prime minister, in 1999-2000, during which time he proved to be business-friendly without being tied too closely to vested interests.
Kubilius is a good organizer and established the Homeland Union as an efficient, opposition political machine, complete with a slick website, personal blog and media-friendly attitude.
This time, Kubilius has managed to assemble another centre- right coalition that will aim to take Lithuania safely through an economic crisis.
Kubilius says he is relishing the challenge and cites Ireland as an example of how a small country can achieve a big turnaround in its fortunes.
Kubilius said Monday that Homeland Union wanted to control the defense, economy, finance and foreign ministries.
Kubilius has said he would soften the blow of the economic slowdown by reducing personal income tax and by closing tax loopholes so that budget revenues do not suffer toomuch.
Catriona Purfield, the head of the IMF team that has been in Lithuania for the last week, confirmed that Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius had not asked for a loan from the IMF.
No action was taken, so we have a crisis, Kubilius said to howls of protest from Kirkilas' supporters.
Kubilius is seen as the country's likely next prime minister after a round of coalition-building wraps up in the wake of recently finished elections.
meetings with NATO Secretary General Lord George Robertson and Dr.
involvement into the developing European crisis management capabilities.
Despite a marked slowdown in the Lithuanian economy, Kubilius said Friday that Lithuania is still in a better financial situation than the other Baltic states of Estonia and Latvia.
In the mean time, the programme of the new government led by Prime Minister Kubilius was passed by the Seimas by a 76 to 33 margin.
Andrius Kubilius was prime minister from 1999 to 2000The conservative opposition in Lithuania believes it has won enough seats to form a coalition in the second round of the general election.
VILNIUS (AFP) Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius said Friday the country did not need to turn to the IMF for financial aid, saying the government's anti-crisis plan would be enough to weather the financial crisis.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = " VILNIUS, Jan 7 (Reuters) - Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius said on Wednesday he sees no rush to sell majority state-owned oil terminal Klaipedos Nafta (KNF1L.
state-owned oil terminal Klaipedos Nafta (KNF1L.
Kubilius said he hoped a strategic investor could guarantee $ 300-500 mm of investment in the country's gas sector.
Andrius Kubilius was recently elected Lithuanias prime minister but he has had little or no time to enjoy a honeymoon period.
But the arrival of the movies changed…Andrius Kubilius was recently elected Lithuanias prime minister but he has had little or no time to enjoy a honeymoon period.
Kubilius said he expected to be nominated as prime minister.
Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius said on Thursday that currently the government does not plan to borrow from the International Monetary Fund noted the BNS.
On the other hand the leader of the Homeland Union (Concervatives)Kubilius said to the BNS that Lithuania is  inflexible and ruining the negotiations.
Furthermore  Mr Kubilius is convinced that Polands demand are not entirely made up building a link with Lithuania, it will be facing immense reconstruction of the interior grid and it is therefore natural that the Poles want to know the amount of power they will be getting and the throughput of the power lines that needs to be set up.