Minister of Health and of Social Security Mars Di bartolomeo of Luxembourg

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di Bartolomeo is also proud to announce that there were no losses at all related to the investment of those reserve funds.
Mars Di Bartolomeo was re-elected to the Chamber in 1994 and found himself promoted to Mayor of the town of Dudelange after the municipal elections in October 1993.
Mars Di Bartolomeo was born on 27 June 1952 in Dudelange.
Mars Di Bartolomeo has published a tax guide in collaboration with Jeannot Kreck.
Following the elections on 13 June 2004, Mars Di Bartolomeo was appointed Minister of Health and Minister of Social Security on 31 July 2004.
The 25-nation EU has pledged $202 million, which Di Bartolomeo said was just a start.
Luxembourg health minister Mars Di Bartolomeo said that he wanted policies which were more pro-active and added that the figures of childhood obesity were “disturbing.