Secretary of State for Agriculture, Viticulture, and Rural Development Octavie Modert of Luxembourg

Octavie Modert was born on 15 November 1966 in Grevenmacher.
Ever since she was 20 years old, Octavie Modert has been involved in a number of different positions within committees and the executive organs of the Christian Social Party and its sub-organisations, the Christian Social Youth (CSJ) and the Christian Social Women (CSF) – both at a national and a local level.
Having been elected to the Chamber of Deputies for the first time in the general election of 13 June 2004, Octavie Modert was invested on 31 July 2004 with the role of Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament, Secretary of State for Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development, and Secretary of State for Culture, Higher Education and Research.
Octavie Modert is Luxembourg's Secretary of State for Culture, Higher Education, and Research, Agriculture, Viticulture, and Rural Development, and Relations with Parliament.
Octavie Modert is the Secretary of State there for culture, and Kevin Wester is the director of development for the Luxembourg American Cultural Society.