President Marc Ravalomanana of Madagascar

17, 2003 Madagascar plans to more than triple the number of its protected sites to halt an alarming decline in its unique environment, the country's President Marc Ravalomanana said Tuesday.
Ravalomanana said the number of protected sites on Madagascar, the world's fourth largest island which separated from the African mainland some 165 million years ago, will be increased from the current three percent to 10 percent of the territory over the next five years.
In the municipal elections held on November 14, 1999, Ravalomanana was elected as mayor of the capital, Antananarivo, receiving 45% of the vote and defeating former Prime Minister Guy Willy Razanamasy.
Ravalomanana is the founder of Tiako I Madagasikara, which is now the ruling party, although he is not currently a member because, as President, he is barred from membership in a political party.
Ravalomanana is credited with improving the country's infrastructure, such as roads, along with making improvements in education and health, but has faced criticism for his lack of progress against poverty; purchasing power is said to have declined during his time in office.
Ravalomanana said that a new election needed to be held so that the National Assembly would reflect the changes made in this referendum.
Ravalomanana is known for his fervent Christian faith.
In the December 2006 presidential election, Ravalomanana was reelected to a second five-year term with nearly 55 percent of the vote.
But Ravalomanana is also popular in the countryside where the reforms of his first term had a greater effect on reducingpoverty than in the big cities.
Ravalomanana has conducted a slick campaign, touring the country by helicopter and used his wealth, media empire and presidential power to eclipse his 13 rivals.
Solofo Razoarimihaja, president of Ravalomanana's TIM party anddeputy parliamentspeakerThe impasse split the island in two - with two capitals, two governments, and a divided army - until Ravalomanana was officially proclaimed president in May 2002.
But the World Bank says infrastructure, health and education have all improved since Ravalomanana came to power in 2002.
Marc Ravalomanana has gained the all-important public endorsement of his presidency from Madagascar's former colonial power, France.
Mr Ravalomanana was sworn in as president in May, however long-standing leader, Didier Ratsiraka has refused to stand down, demanding new elections.
Mr Ravalomanana has been pushing hard for French recognition since December's elections.
Marc Ravalomanana had become impatient with France's hesitation in recognising him as president - especially after the constitutional court decided he had won December's elections.
A self-made multi-millionaire, Mr Ravalomanana is the embodiment of the rags to riches story.
Mr Ravalomanana was in his early 20s when he abandoned the academic road to become a businessman.
As the Mayor of Antananarivo and self-proclaimed president Mr Ravalomanana has earned himself a reputation as someone who gets things done his way.
Although Mr Ravalomanana is an inspiration for his supporters in urban Madagascar, his popularity in the rural areas where traditionally the ruling party has enjoyed its strongest power base is uncertain.
Marc Ravalomanana was born on Monday, December 12, 1949 in Imerinkasinina and he is a famous head of state from Madagascar of Protestant religion.
Ravalomanana is a true inspiration, for a guy that started his business on milk delivery by bicycle, he end up being the President of a country like Madagascar.
Madagascar May Break Up in Dispute Over ElectionBy HENRI E.
One Madagascar Leader Threatens the OtherAn aide to Marc Ravalomanana said on Wednesday that the government would resort to military action against supporters of Didier Ratsiraka if a blockade of the capital did not end.
There are certainly many who would argue against the family-planning based approach that Ravalomanana has taken.
After touring the campus, meeting with students and university leaders, and speaking at a community luncheon, Ravalomanana said the university was just what he was looking for.
During his visit, Ravalomanana met privately with the Malagasy students and ate dinner with them and other ACU friends.
Ravalomanana is a Christian businessman and was excited to learn of ACU and its mission to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world.
Ravalomanana was Mayor of Antananarivo, the capital city, and was elected president in 2002.
With elections in late 2011 in mind, president Marc Ravalomanana has set himself the challenge of projecting the image of a democrat to the country’s donors while reducing the number of political parties and bolstering the presidential nature of his government.
During the last few weeks the Tiko group owned by President Marc Ravalomanana has diversified its activity into the rental of an events room in Antananarivo.
The Malagasy Minister for Agriculture Panja Ramanoelina has just noticed that his popularity rating with President Marc Ravalomanana is not as high as he had thought.
The Businessman-President Marc Ravalomanana has competitors but few true friends among the Malagasy business community.
The TIM (presidential party) has just had a serious electoral defeat after controlling the Antananarivo city council for the eight years since Marc Ravalomanana was first elected mayor in 1999.
The company owned by President Marc Ravalomanana is working on two projects for expansion by acquiring stakes in large local firms.
Ravalomanana said he would observe an inauguration ceremony on Friday, 22 February.
The official January results showed that Ravalomanana had gained 46.
The new results published by the HCC show that Ravalomanana had won 51.
Senator Annick Daahy, spokesman of the five governors loyal to President Ratsiraka, yesterday said that if Ravalomanana was declared president by the "biased" HCC, the five provinces would be "obliged to head towards independence.
Having behaved exactly as the internationally brokered Dakar Agreement obliged him to, and being declared winner of the elections by the court the international community foresaw to rule on the issue, Marc Ravalomanana is not a usurper anymore.
Marc Ravalomanana was installed as President on 6 May 2002 after the votes had been recounted.
On 6 May, Marc Ravalomanana was installed as President.
Ravalomanana was installed as President.
Ravalomanana has since been president.
Ravalomanana has followed policies of economical liberalization in the country with relative success.
Incumbent president Marc Ravalomanana received 54.
Ravalomanana expressed satisfaction, saying, "I am very happy.
On Jan 19, 2007, Ravalomanana was sworn in for a new term.
Ordering a recount in April, the Supreme Court ruled that Ravalomanana had indeed won more than 50% of the vote.
Ravalomanana was born in 1949 near Antananarivo, Madagascar, French Union.
Ravalomanana takes control, Madagascar will be all the better for its trials.
They argue that Ravalomanana has created nothing short of a revolution.
However, when the newly appointed judges of the court ruled last Monday that Ravalomanana had indeed won an absolute majority and should officially be declared leader, it was Ratsiraka's turn to reject the ruling, claiming the new judges were biased.
Ravalomanana is all about rapid development, liberty, and democracy but that's not much of a program," he says.
Ravalomanana has unleashed a new movement for democracy even if he does not stand for it.
After considerable violence between supporters of the two rival candidates, the High Constitutional Court announced in April that Ravalomanana had indeed won the election in the first round, and he was sworn into office in May The incumbent, Ratsiraka, refused to acknowledge the result.
Marc Ravalomanana was born on December 12th, 1949 in a family of eight children.
Marc Ravalomanana is an inspiring example of a self-made man.
E Mr Marc Ravalomanana is expected in Mauritius tonight at 19.
President Ravalomanana is accompanied by a strong delegation comprising Mr Marcel Ranjeva,Minister of Foreign Affairs; Mr Harison Randriarimanana ,Minister of Agriculture,Farming and Fisheries and Mr Roger Rafanomezantsoa,Minister of Industrialization,Commerce and of the Development of the Private Sector as well as high-ranking officials and representatives of the private sector.
Ravalomanana came to power in 2002 following a bitterly fought election in which then-incumbent Didier Ratsiraka refused to accept defeat.
The country came close to civil war before Ratsiraka sought exile in France and Ravalomanana took power.
We need new generations of leaders who are educated and well-trained to help US develop in the 21st century,” Ravalomanana said in a speech accepting his honorary doctorate, according to a transcript provided by the university.
These positive developments and the smooth presidential elections in December 2006 – Marc Ravalomanana was re-elected offer hopeful signs that Madagascar has stepped firmly onto a path to sustained development, breaking with the history of economic mismanagement and periodic crises that impoverished the people, the World Bank document says.
Photo: IRIN Marc Ravalomanana is setting up an alternative government as Madagascar's crisis deepensJOHANNESBURG, 26 February 2002 (IRIN) - Presidential contender Marc Ravalomanana on Tuesday further raised the political temperature in Madagascar as he set about establishing his own alternative government.
Ravalomanana had himself sworn in as president on Friday prompting the government of President Didier Ratsiraka to impose a state of emergency on the Indian Ocean island.
Ravalomanana has become more tarnished over recent years - he is facing more problems, mainly of his own making.
Ravalomanana has become a favourite of the Americans - he is a born-again Christian, encourages economic liberalisation and is a businessman," Ellis said.
As vice-president of the Protestant Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar, a powerful actor in Madagascar's civil society, Ravalomanana has secured further vital support.
Over the past three years, President Ravalomanana has spared no effort to put Madagascar's public financing on a sound basis and to uproot corruption.
President Ravalomanana has supported entrepreneurship and economic freedom.
A lot of types of business can come here," Ravalomanana said in a July 5 interview with Africanews and Catholic Relief Services (CRS.
that Ravalomanana was the legitimate winner of the election only at the end of April.
officials said in Lusaka Saturday.
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In May Ravalomanana was declared President, and by June the Ravalomanana Government gained control of the country.
Supporters of the Ratsiraka government abducted numerous persons for political reasons, particularly in Antsiranana and Toamasina provinces, including several officials of the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM), the Presbyterian Church of which President Ravalomanana is a Vice President and other known supporters of Ravalomanana (see Section 2.
President Ravalomanana is a Vice President of the FJKM.
69 percent of the vote, while his main challenger, Mayor of Antananarivo Marc Ravalomanana received 46.
On May 6, President Ravalomanana was sworn in a second time as President in Mahamasina Stadium in Antananarivo.
In October President Ravalomanana met with Karana business leaders and expressed a willingness to look into citizenship issues raised by their community.
Chinese top legislator Wu Bangguo and Madagascar President Marc Ravalomanana said here on Tuesday that they will do their utmost to boost ties between the two countries.