President Bingu wa Mutharika of Malawi

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After serving in the Malawi civil service and also for a period in the government of Zambia, wa Mutharika joined the United Nations in 1978, where he eventually became Director for Trade and Development Finance for Africa.
After taking office, wa Mutharika came into conflict with Muluzi, the Chairman of the UDF, over wa Mutharika's campaign against corruption.
It was reported in March 2005 that wa Mutharika was not sleeping in the state mansion because of suspicions that it was home to evil spirits.
wa Mutharika has upheld the memory of Hastings Banda as a national hero, saying that he would continue Banda's work.
wa Mutharika was present at the May 2006 unveiling of a mausoleum for Banda that cost US$620,000.
Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika is the current sitting president of the Republic of Malawi.
Disi Village in the area of chief Kuntumaji in Zomba.
Bingu wa Mutharika has nursed ambitions of ruling Malawi since the Hastings Kamuzu Banda dictatorship began to unravel in 1993.
In 1992 he became a founding member of the then underground political pressure group, the United Democratic Front (UDF.
President Bingu Wa Mutharika is the head of state for Malawi.
By Peter Clottey Malawi President Bingu Wa Mutharika is coming under increasing pressure to name his running mate ahead of this years general election.
the agricultural revolution initiated by Malawis President Bingu wa Mutharika has continued to prove his international.
BY The Daily Times UDF’s request to Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) to clarify on whether or not President Bingu wa Mutharika is eligible to stand on his.
Bingu Wa Mutharika was born February 24th, 1934.
Mutharika was born in a Kamoto village in Thyolo Southern Malawi.
Mutharika was the son of a primary school Headmaster.
Mutharika was born with name Brightson Webster Thom; however, he changed his name to Mutharika and adopted the first name Bingu during the 1960s when pan-Africanism was sweeping across the continent.
Mutharika has also earned a Master’s degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Delhi, India.
Mutharika joined the United Nations in 1978.
Mutharika was amongst those who opposed the authoritarian rule of Dr.
Mutharika was a supporter of the UDF leader, President Bakili Muluzi, but he soon became a critic of Muluzi's economic policies and left the UDF.
Mutharika is criticized for this ongoing dispute with Muluzi and it is believed that this dispute is causing an interference with governance.
It was reported in March 2005 that Mutharika was not sleeping in the state mansion because of suspicions that there were evil spirits in the mansion.
Mutharika said that "I have not met any ghosts yet, I have never in my life been afraid of them.
Mutharika has upheld the memory of Hastings Banda as a national hero; in May 2006, he was present at the unveiling of a mausoleum for Banda that cost US$620,000.
Mutharika has four children, he is a devout catholic.
Bingu Wa Mutharika is set to win the 2009 Malawi Elections.
of international relations and international politics.
President Bingu wa Mutharika has asked Malawian to desist from engaging in activities that are likely to disturb peace during the festive period.
dont personally think this is all what Mutharika said but what Nyasatimes thought is of their interest to publish on this site.
President Bingu wa Mutharika was Thursday inLilongwe provided the first ever Food, Agriculture and NaturalResources Policy Network (Fanrpan) food security policy leadershipaward for reviving the fertiliser subsidy programme.
The award was presented at the on-going Fanrpan conference butMutharika was not present to receive his prize due to an engagement hecould not postpone.
Mutharika has been awarded for his efforts in the past four years inincreasing food productivity, market development, storage and creatingfavourable pricing for cash crops.
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This is not the first time that Mutharika has served as advisor to his brother, Bingu wa Mutharika, who was elected to a five-year term as Malawi's president in 2004.
In his current role, Mutharika is advising his brother on the constitutionality of the president's decisions, constitutional reforms and judicial appointments.
An expert on international economic law, international law and comparative constitutional law, Mutharika is the author of numerous books and articles.
due to other official engagements.
the agricultural revolution initiated by Malawi's President Bingu wa Mutharika has continued to prove his international critics, led by the UK and US, completely wrong.
Bingu wa Mutharika took up the reins of power in May, many feared that he would be a mere puppet of former president Bakili Muluzi.
Even after Mutharika had won the presidential poll, doubts over the possible manipulation of electoral results triggered rioting that left at least three people dead.
The UDF won just 49 of the 193 seats on offer in the last legislative election and so Mutharika was forced to work with a range of parties if his term of office was not to be marked by conflict between the legislature and the presidential office.
However, although Mutharika has been in power for just a few months, he has already begun to act on his promise.
While Muluzi lived and worked in Blantyre during the course of his presidency, Mutharika has ordered the entire cabinet to relocate to the national capital, Lilongwe, where parliament and most other government offices are based.
IMAGE PHOTOGRAPH 2A man of the people for the people? Mutharika has already cracked down heavily on corruption.
President Bingu wa Mutharika has faced.
BLANTYRE, Malawi - Malawi United Democratic Front (UDF) party, under whose banner President Bingu wa Mutharika took office a year ago, on Wednesday lodged an impeachment motion in parliament that could lead to his ouster.
The party has no parliament members and wa Mutharika has lost several parliamentary votes, convincing analysts that he would lose the impeachment vote.
Mutharika was born near Thyolo, a tea-growing.
Bingu wa Mutharika comes from Kamoto Village in Thyolo, southern Malawi.
Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika has conceded that the impoverished southern African country faces economic turmoil following lack for an approved national budget starting tomorrow (August 1, 2007.
Voice Association have said in a statement agreed upon at their extraordinary meeting held at Mtakataka on 21st July 2007.
Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika has ordered the Secret Intelligence Services (SIS) to spy on foreign diplomats, top government officials at principal secretary and directorship level opposition party leaders have also been targeted - Nyasa Times has learnt.
The stunning revelation has been made at a time when Mutharika has.
u wa Mutharika has been described as arrogant by opposition party leaders from Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Republican Party (RP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) at a joint press briefing in the capital Lilongwe following the indefinite adjournment of parliament.
thereby throwing the country into political turmoil.
because of his tough anti-corruption drive.
BY The Daily Times 12:38:46 - 30 May 2008 AsPresident Bingu wa Mutharika was addressing a high-level meeting inJapan yesterday on sustaining food security in the world, 40 otherworld leaders in attendance listened in awe.
Interestingly, as Mutharika was delivering that speech, an oppositionlegislator, Ishmael Chafukira was disparaging efforts made by Mutharikato bring food security at the household level.
President Bingu wa Mutharika has asked 40 worldleaders attending an international African development conference inJapan to follow Malawi 's agricultural input subsidy program to combatescalating food prices and scarcity of food.
Giving a key note address Thursday afternoon, entitled 'Asia-Africacooperation in the new global system' during the fourth TokyoInternational Conference on African Development (TICAD 1V) in YokohamaCity, Japan, Mutharika said the recent rise in food prices and thescarcity of food requires the meeting of world leaders to haveconsensus on how to deal with these problems.
On Africa and Asia relationship, Mutharika said other areas of possibleAsia-Africa cooperation in addition to agriculture and food securitycan be in energy supply and generation, irrigation and watermanagement, integrated rural development, transport infrastructuredevelopment and the prevention and management of HIV and AIDS andnutrition disorders.
He said President Bingu wa Mutharika was not politically vindictive andif he were such he would have arrested Muluzi a long time ago over acatalogue of insults that Muluzi spewed on Mutharika.
However, since president Bingu wa Mutharika took over government in2004, every budget has been passed with difficulty by a Parliamentwhose majority is the opposition.
With this then we propose for an independent and critical evaluation of the EIA because we see that even President Bingu wa Mutharika has been misinformed by the senior officers,” said Mwakasungula.
Bingu wa Mutharika is Malawi's current president.
Bingu wa Mutharika is the current President of Malawi.
Mutharika was born as Brightson Webster Ryseon Thom on February 24, 1934.
Mutharika was surrounded by edcation at a young age, his father was a high school principal.
Mutharika joined the United Nations in 1978, where he eventually became Director for Trade and Development Finance for Africa.
After taking office, Mutharika came into conflict with Muluzi, head of the UDF, over Mutharika's campaign against corruption.
May 2004- Bingu wa Mutharika was elected president.
Quote: "President Bingu wa Mutharika has said the disease is a major threat to efforts to drag the nation out of poverty.
In addition, not all the 22 workers at the farm have been paid their August wages and this is very demoralising, but we hope that since Mr Wa Mutharika is now a Head of State, our conditions of service will improve,” said one farm worker.
On the same night, Newsnet reported that Wa Mutharika had extended his stay in Zimbabwe to attend the burial of national hero, Dr Eddison Zvobgo last Sunday.
Wa Mutharika was said by his workers to have 35 dairy cows, 40 head of beef cattle and several goats.
BLANTYRE (AFP) Malawi, until recently a net importer of food, is to start irrigation farming to help boost food production and end hunger, President Bingu wa Mutharika said on Tuesday.
At the Norway conference, Mutharika said he would be seeking international investment to boost Malawi food production in order "to have food not only for ourselves, but the world.
Mutharika said his poor nation will "no longer beg food, especially maize, from outside.
We can beg other things, but not maize," Mutharika said in an apparent reference to the government's 50-million-dollar (35-million euro) programme of subsidised fertiliser which enabled peasant farmers to access cheap fertiliser.
wa Mutharika has been widely praised for having brought food security to a country that was devastated by drought and starvation twice in a space of four years.
What must not be lost sight of, however, is the anti-establishment pedigree that marks so far two ideas that Mutharika has put his mind to, and has defied so-called international convention.
Mutharika said his government made the decision to establish diplomatic relations with China because the government acknowledged relevant UN resolutions and the one-China policy.
Chancellor College, a branch of the University of Malawi, told IPS.
Malawi President Bingu Wa Mutharika is coming under increasing pressure to name his running mate ahead of this year's.