Minister of Tourism, Wildlife, and Culture Callista Chimombo of Malawi

Callista Chapola Chimombo is a Malawian politician.
Chimombo is a member of the United Democratic Front (UDF.
Chimombo said government is aware of the problem and that her ministry has bought new traps, which have been set in some national's parks and game reserves in the country.
Tourism, wildlife and Culture minister, Callista Chapola -Chimombo said this in Mangochi on Saturday when she officially opened the eighth annual conference for Travel Agents Association of Malawi (TAAM.
Chapola-Chimombo said government recognizes tourism as one of the sectors vital for economic growth and reaffirms commitment in creating conducive environment for those interested in tourism industry.
Chimombo said the nation today was at a crossroad in terms of career development, adding that many learners lacked understanding about what a career was.
Malawis Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Culture Callista Chapola-Chimombo said that most African countries have limited resources to promote tourism to their country.
I think Chimombo had all the right to take great exception to the epithet and it was encouraging that fellow women, including those on the opposite side of the house, rallied behind her.