Minister of Labor and Vocational Training Davis Katsonga of Malawi

Davis Chester Katsonga was born on August 6, 1955.
Katsonga was trapped when the woman was wired with a tape player during the first cash pick-up.
The HM Prisons Service in England yesterday confirmed Katsonga was released on his first parole date, in July 1993, having also spent almost a year in custody before his trial.
Currently Member of Parliament for Mwanza Central Constituency, Katsonga was re-elected to the Malawi National Assembly in 2004 and served as Minister of Mines, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs before taking up his new portfolio in Foreign Affairs.
This is the second time Katsonga has inflicted pain on Dausi whom then standing as a Malawi Congress Party candidatelost by around 400 votes in the 2004 parliamentary race.
Katsonga is a senior minister in the current administration and would have been expected to sail through being troubled.
LilongweMarch, 14Mana:The Minister of Defence Davis Katsonga has stressed the need for Peace Keeping Officers to undergo the Military Observers Course (MILOB) before being deployed to various Mission areas.
Katsonga said as sanctioned by the United Nations and the African Union, peace keepers need to be acquainted with skills and knowledge on how to carry out their duties when deployed.
By Charles KufaMinister of Presidential and Parliamentary Affairs Davis Katsonga has angered President Bingu wa Mutharika who has since demanded his immediate return to Malawi and hand back the sweetener he collected from Mainland China.
Honorable Katsonga has angered the President since his return from China where he signed the memorandum of understanding that established the China-Malawi diplomatic relations.
The Nation newspaper revealed that Katsonga was on the run saying he left Malawi on January 16 for the United Kingdom through Malawi-Zambia boarder in Mchinji border.
However, when the message reached Mchinji border, Katsonga had already crossed to Zambia.
But when the message reached the airport in Lusaka, Katsonga had already boarded a plane, the Nation newspaper reported.
However, an unnamed Interpol official said since Katsonga is a Malawian citizen and wanted by his government, Interpol would not act on the information from the Zambian Police but wait rather for a formal request from the Malawi Police Services.
Malawi's First Lady Ethel Mutharika who died on Monday will be buried next Saturday, Minister for Presidential and Parliamentary Affairs Davis Katsonga said in a statement issued Tuesday.
Katsonga said the body would lie in state in all the country's three regions to enable Malawians to pay their last respects to the late First Lady.
But Malawi emissary in Taipei, Thengo Maloya assured Taiwan that all is well despite that head of diplomatic switch talks, Katsonga has left for Beijing.
Katsonga said Malawi has all reasons to honour Mugabe because, he said he is a freedom fighter.
Katsonga said there is nothing wrong for Malawi and Zimbabwe to hold bilateral talks.
Malawis minister of labour Davis Katsonga has said that the Southern African country still lags behind in the use of the internet due to in adequate infrastructure and higher costs.
Katsonga said a few people use the internet in the country due to high costs.
CNA reported that Katsonga said he refused to divulge the details of his Beijing trip and that no government could dictate Malawi's right to choose its friends.
Chester Katsonga was leader of Christian Liberal Party that opposed the late former president.
Mr Francis Mbilizi, who was Tourism officer then, testified that Chester Katsonga was leader of Christian Liberal Party that opposed Kamuzu Banda, and the former President directed that the licence be withdrawn.
Late last month, several local newspapers in Malawi ran reports that Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika had sanctioned severing diplomatic ties with Taiwan while a delegation to Beijing led by Presidential Affairs Minister Davis Katsonga was set to sign a memorandum of understanding to pave the way for establishing diplomatic ties with China.
In response to the charges, Labour Minister Davis Katsonga said efforts were being made by government in collaboration with stakeholders and the community to eliminate child trafficking and labour in the country.