Minister of Local Government and Rural Development George Chaponda of Malawi

Chaponda is a Christian, is married and has children.
Minister of Local Government, Dr George Chaponda is being accused of deceased estate property grabbing on estate belonging to his late young brother and his family.
Chaponda was not available for comment.
He left a trust deed (atleast thats what the story says here) He made an express trust (according to the law of equity) George Chaponda is a volunteer and in equity, he can not be assisted.
Let* look at this order: The late Chaponda was born from a mother and father, * don* know if they are alive.
Chaponda has PhD and LLM degrees from the University of Yale, USA.
Local Government and Rural Development minister Dr George Chaponda has urged chiefs in President Bingu Mutharikas home district Thyolo to support the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP.
Speaking ahead of the seminar grouping 14 countries from the Africa region, Chaponda said the gathering will promote comprehensive understanding of the OVOP concept through sharing of experiences.
Local Government and Rural Development minister George Chaponda said the government would go ahead with plans to clear the vendors to designated flea markets.
Local Government and Rural Development Minister George Chaponda was quoted as saying that the initiative will help reduce poverty in the rural areas.
Former President Clinton on Friday during a one-day visit to Malawi is scheduled to launch a $70 million hospital project in the Neno district -- which is south of Malawi's capital, Blantyre -- local government minister George Chaponda said on Thursday, AFP/Independent Online reports (AFP/Independent Online, 7/19.
Former president Clinton will perform a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the modern hospital, which will cost $70-million," Local Government Minister George Chaponda said on Thursday.
However, Chaponda said whatever name the chiefs could be given by their subjects did not matter because Malawi was using an act that has its own legal structure, ranging from paramount chief to village headman.
Minister responsible for Local Government, Dr George Chaponda has said that there is need for African societies to use cultural heritage to deal with contemporary issues and plan more effectively for the future by incorporating children's issues into their plans.