Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe of Malawi

Goodall Gondwe has an impressive background both in academia and workwith various agencies.
Everybody including Bester Majoni, Malawi Congress Party shareholder can perceive what Gondwe has done to Malawis economy.
Gondwe has brought about economic stability never experienced in Malawi for years.
Gondwe is a proven leader who if given a chance has a lot more to offer to the people of Malawi.
Goodall Gondwe is one of the few God-gifted people in Malawi who doesnt consider of which region or tribe he belongs to.
Gondwe has a Bsc degree only,has decades of experiience in Bakili Muluzi* government, Bingus, WB etc, Gondwe comes from a wealthy , successfull, educated, repressive,belligerent and less humble minority in malawi.
This is not to say that no one from where Gondwe comes from is qualified.
Goodall Gondwe is not different from other politicians.
Gondwe has done the same way and his fellow ministers are aware of it.
You can tell the writer of this article is a champion of regionalistic politics, the very politics he seem to attack.
As someone has mentioned, it might be that Gondwe is being kept at Finance to do some work for Bingu, so what have you.
Traditional Authority Mtwalo in Mzimba District.
Finance Minister, Goodall Gondwe has said government will purchase another presidential jet after the one used by former presidents, Dr Bakili Muluzi (UDF) and the late Dr.
Gondwe said the presidential jet was old and worn out hence it was sold and a new jet will be purchased.
Gondwe said an expert who deals in aircraft would help government in acquiring the new presidential jet.
Therefore, we have accepted what Gondwe has said, but if this is not true, we will still know more about it.
have nothing against Tanzania as a country but those consultants that is where Gondwe is making money and build mansions in Mzuzu and Lilongwe.
Gondwe has worked as General Manager of the Reserve Bank of Malawi; Secretary to the Treasury; Executive Director, Senior Vice President and Acting President of African Development Bank ; Senior Advisor, Director for Africa and Special advisor to the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund ;and Chief Economic Advisor to the former Head of State, Dr.
Gondwe is a Fellow of Institute of Bankers (FIB.
Gondwe was appointed Minister of Finance in June, 2004.
Gondwe said his country hopes to extend flights to Qatar by the national carrier, Air Malawi.
Goodall Gondwe is Malawi’s finance minister.
Gondwe says the government is not necessarily concerned about how political parties are using the money.
Gondwe says the government spends about 300 thousand dollars per quarter or about a million dollars per year to fund those parties, including the ruling party.
Gondwe says the finance minister is willing to give the parties a reprieve.
Gondwe says the demand for accountability does not stifle democracy.
Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe says Zimbabwe will pay for maize imports amounting to 400,000 tonnes in cash by September.
Gondwe was reacting to reports in Zimbabwe press that governments of Malawi and Zimbabwe have agreed to barter maize with sugar.
However, Gondwe denied the reports.
But Gondwe has dismissed the argument on account that it would be suicidal to halt government business due to Parliament’s failure to pass the K229 billion national budget in time.
But Gondwe said he would not allow the country’s economy to collapse and people’s lives to suffer by paying attention to what the legal experts were saying.
Gondwe said he was using a doctrine of necessity to continue drawing money from the Consolidated Fund even without authority from Parliament.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = " By Mabvuto Banda LILONGWE, Jan 9 (Reuters) - Malawi Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe said on Wednesday the southern African nation is expected to earn more than a billion dollars over the next decade from uranium mining, which kicks off next.
uranium mining, which kicks off next year.
increase exports over the ten years.
Gondwe was a graduate of Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Ill.
com] -- MALAWI is expected to earn more than a billion dollars over the next decade from uranium mining, which kicks off next year, Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe said on Wednesday.
Gondwe said that, prior to his countrys involvement with the MCC, the Malawian people had challenged the government to rid the country of corruption and fiscal mismanagement that has had a stagnating effect on its economy and long-term development.
This is not only the responsibility of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) board and our executive, but it is also a responsibility of this parliament to pass the budget because it anchors the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PGRF) with the fund, which is crucial to multilateral debt relief," Gondwe said in a speech.
Malawis economic king-pinGoodall Gondwe has expressed gratitude to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for helping the country boost its foreign reserves and reduce domestic debt and interest rates.
Malawi Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe said that Africa would "grow more rapidly" if it were "cushioned by more donor cash," disputing statements made earlier this week by International Monetary Fund Africa Director Abdoulaye Bio-Tchane, who suggested that some African economies had "capacity constraints" that need to be addressed, according to Reuters.
Gondwe says the Parliament was trying to approve a budget that is vital to completing the HIPC (Heavily Indebted Poor Countries) qualifications for debt relief.
Gondwe says Kaliwo knows why he was suspended.
Unveiling the budget on Friday last week, Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe described the reforms as an attempt to "improve the economic buying power of individual Malawians", and said those earning less than $40 a month would not be taxed.
Gondwe said the British Department for International Development and the European Union would co-fund the importation and distribution of maize in the northern and central regions, while the local Malawi Nation daily newspaper quoted him as saying that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund had also pledged financial support.
Gondwe said government had organised a Public Works Programme in every district to give families opportunities to earn money, which would in turn be used to buy subsidised fertiliser.
Earlier this year Gondwe said Malawi could move out of poverty only if its economy grew by six percent a year -- in 2005 the economy had grown by just under three percent because of the long dry spell.
Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe has defended Malawi’s tax regime, saying it is one of the best in the Southern Africa Development Community (Sadc.
Gondwe said the country’s tax regime was conducive enough for doing businesses and heaped praises on public tax collector, Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) as the best in Africa.
Gondwe said this Monday after opening a two-day Forum for Value Added Tax Administrators in Africa (VADA.
Asked if Parliament’s failure to debate on money bills would have adverse effect on the country’s economy, Gondwe said the effect would be little except for one, which government was supposed to borrow US$20 million from the African Development Fund.
Malawi’s Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe said Friday the country in collaboration with World Bank will pilot a crop insurance scheme against adverse weather which could also be repeated elsewhere.
Gondwe said it is important to recognize that African countries themselves are responsible for implementing market friendly policies.