Minister of Trade and Private-Sector Development Henry Mussa of Malawi

Mussa said Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika had directed that immediate measures be taken to run the wholly-government- owned airline efficiently after years of poor management that resulted in the near collapse of the company.
Mussa said that he expects tremendous Chinese investment in Malawi, and his country is set to benefit from duplicating China's economic miracle.
Mussa said he is currently working on a basket of investment incentives, adding that his ministry is keen to create a favorable environment for investors.
Asked if the tractors, maize and fertiliser are now in the country, Deputy Agriculture Minister Henry Mussa said his ministry knows nothing of the arrangements surrounding the donations.
Mussa said he was going to contradict Kamwendo, who as an opposition MP was against the budget in the mid months of this year, a situation that raised tensions in much of the population who feared that the country would grind to a halt if the deadline for passing the budget went with no agreement.
ClosedLet US be honest with ourselves and accept that Agrinna Mussa is Malawian by virtue of her parentage and marriage,this should not be an obstacle to her getting or occupying influential positions both in the private or public sector as she has already done in the past,remember she was the Head of Chamber of Commerce.
ClosedSo the verdict out there is that Mrs Mussa is not Malawian.
A 46-member delegation from the People\s Republic of China led by Deputy Minister of Commerce, Gao Hucheng, will pay Malawi a four-day visit starting Tuesday to explore investment opportunities in the country, Malawi Trade and Industry Minister Henry Mussa has said here.
Speaking on arrival from the meeting on Thursday, Transport and Public Works Minister Henry Mussa said the harmonised trade procedures are very important as they will help to minimise costs as well as time spent on the roads.
Minister of Trade, Industry and Private Sector Development Henry Mussa says government would provide finance in this year’s budget for a development fund to target Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s.
Speaking in an interview on Friday Mussa said government had finished formulating a regulatory framework for the new fund.
The country’s minister of Industry and Trade Henry Mussa said the deal had come about after Cuba experienced hurricanes which destroyed its crops.
Mussa was quoted in a local newspaper, Daily Times, that apart from the beans export the two countries had also made an agreement on Cuba assisting with expertise and knowledge to process fruits.
In cotton, textiles manufacturing," Mussa said at a Malawi investment forum in London organised by the Commonwealth Business Council.
At a meeting he addressed after performing a ground breaking ceremony of the road, Mutharika also ordered the Construction firm, Mota Engil to seize all the caterpillars, which Mussa is said to have diverted to his Chiradzulu East Constituency to start the construction of Chiradzulu Road which leads into Phalombe.
My fellow Malawians lets not forget that Mussa was the Minister of Transport and he might have been involved in the planning of this road construction and he wanted to use his muscle as minister to start the road from Chiradzulo but alas cabinet reshuffle disturbed it all.
Minister of Transport and Communications, Henry Mussa said during a rally addressed by President Bingu Mutharika in Chiradzulu that Gondwe was a lunatic who is the National Assembly only to insult the leadership of this country to promote opposition propaganda.
However, the deputy minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Food Security, Henry Mussa said Malawi has enough stocks from the National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) to offset the shortfall.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = " By Mabvuto Banda LILONGWE, 28 (Reuters) - Malawi has put the privatisation of its state-owned airline on hold after failing to come to an agreement with the leading bidder, South Africa's Comair, Transport Minister Henry Mussa said on Monday.
Transport Minister Henry Mussa said on Monday.
individuals to give more information about themselves and their assets than does the current form.
The Chinese have assured US that they'll be investing in tobacco-processing companies so that we add value to our crop instead of exporting raw tobacco,'' Mussa said in an interview today from the capital, Lilongwe.
Lilongwe - Malawi has put the privatisation of its state-owned airline on hold after failing to come to an agreement with the leading bidder, South Africas Comair, Transport Minister Henry Mussa said on Monday.