Minister of Economic Planning and Development Ken Lipenga of Malawi

born on Valentine's Day 1952 at the foot of the legendary Michesi Mountain in Chiringa, Phalombe, southern Malawi.
University of Malawi at Chancellor College as an Assistant Lecturer in English.
articles under his Off the Cuff column.
Dr Lipenga is one of the intellectuals in Mutharika government who rise above petty party politics.
Minister of Information, Communications and Tourism Ken Lipenga said on Monday that the President instructed MBC not to cover him live when he held a rally in Thyolo on Sunday where he thanked the people of the district for voting him into office.
Lipenga said the President’s directive is also in line with his pledge of reducing public expenditure.
Asked if his ministry is trying to come up with a policy that MBC should not cover the President live when he is conducting purely party functions, Lipenga was non committal.
Asked if the development has given a free hand for MBC to freely choose who to cover including the opposition parties, Lipenga said MBC is part of government and would, therefore, need guidance from time to time from government.
Malawi has launched a campaign to crack down on Chinese and Nigerian traders accused of operating illegally in the country, Trade and Commerce Minister Ken Lipenga said Wednesday.
Ken Lipenga has asked stakeholders in Malawi's diverse public and private sector as well as the country's cooperating partners to develop policies that are targeted at developing lives at the grassroots.
he called for cooperation between businessmen in Sudan and Malawi, lauding good arrangements of convocation of 5th summit of the ACP group of States.
MISA noted that Mr Lipenga had said his party would not discipline its violent youths, saying UDF was waiting for a report from the police.
Government spokesman Ken Lipenga said the report should serve as ¬ďa wake-up call particularly for US people in leadership role.
5 percent in 2008 despite the political stalemate that has stalled budget discussions, Minister of Economic Planning Ken Lipenga has said.
In an interview Tuesday Lipenga said there are several consequences that would come due to the budget delay, the major one being reduced economic growth and activities.
Malawi's specialized commercial court responsible for settling all commercial and business disputes would be operational by March this year, Trade minister Ken Lipenga said Wednesday.
The commercial court will start operating before the end of first quarter of 2007," Lipenga said in Blantyre during a conference that brought together the government and the country's private sector.
Ken Lipenga said that Sudan is a rich country and capable of solving the Darfur problem, pointing out to realization of peace in the South.