Minister of State in the Office of the President Richard Msowoya of Malawi

Msowoya said floods destroyed over 915 hectares of crop and 32 houses when the banks of the Mwanza river which flows into the Shire river, the country's biggest, burst following heavy rains in the past several days.
Deputy Minister of Education Richard Msowoya has said most private colleges in the country are below standards in terms of academic qualifications of students recruited, qualifications of the teachers as well as the validity and reliability of certificates issued.
Because of that, Msowoya has said government has now established a regulatory body.
Msowoya said this Thursday at a stakeholderÂ’s meeting on the establishment of the National Council for Higher Education which was held in Lilongwe.
Msowoya said in view of the difficulties experienced in suing the Act for post-secondary education, government decided to come up with an Act that would specifically target the post secondary education sub-sector.
University of Malawi (Unima) lecturers are free to quit their jobs and seek employment elsewhere if they feel the money they are getting at the university is not enough, Deputy Minister for Higher Education Richard Msowoya has said.
Msowoya said this in an interview in Lilongwe on Friday on the sidelines of a function where he officially handed over photocopiers worth K18 million to all technical colleges in the country courtesy of Technical, Entrepreneurial, Vocational Education and Training Authority (Teveta.
Asked who would then teach at the University where brain drain was already high, Msowoya said the unfortunate thing was that every action has a negative consequence.
Msowoya said migration generates social, cultural and political consequences that must be carefully considered to ensure that it worked for both the sending and receiving countries.
Msowoya said while celebrating the importance of remittances, countries of origin suffered loss of human capital through emigration of skilled professional and unskilled labourers.
Msowoya said there was need to have regular dialogue between countries of origin and destination to strengthen cooperation and to identify common solutions including the allocation of development aid for the eradication of poverty in countries of origin.
Msowoya said the problems were transnational and needed transnational solutions.
Msowoya is alleged to have commented in the media that as a Northerner he would rather be attending a church where his contribution would assist to develop and build churches in Mzuzu.