Minister of Mines, Natural Resources, and Environmental Affairs Ted Kalebe of Malawi

Lilongwe August , 27Mana :Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Parliamentarian for Lilongwe North East Constituency Ted Kalebe has defected to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) effective Sunday, August 26.
Minister of Economic Planning and Development, Ted Kalebe said the MDGS visualises Malawi as a predominantly producing and exporting country.
Kalebe said the strategy will be a success because it followed a participatory approach when it was being designed.
MINISTER of Energy and Mines Ted Kalebe says government is working closely with the petroleum industry to reduce the shortage of paraffin which has been persistent for the past six months.
Speaking in an interview on Tuesday Kalebe said officials from his ministry have overcome some logistical obstacles which had hit the industry as a step towards ensuring that there are enough supplies in the country.
Briefing the press in Lilongwe Monday, Energy and Mines Minister Ted Kalebe said Malawi was one of the few countries in southern African which still had lower prices of fuel despite increases on the international market.
Kalebe denied reports that government levies had contributed to the increase in the pump price, saying the only remaining three levies are road, energy and Cess, which is collected and remitted to Malawi Bureau of Standards to carry out its work.
Ted Kalebe was named the new Deputy Finance Minister and Bintony Kutsaira was put in charge of agriculture.
Kalebe has accused Mutharika of using a $50-million loan scheme for poor Malawians to benefit members of his party.
Speaking to APA on Wednesday in Lilongwe, his Economic Planning and Development Minister Ted Kalebe said the MDGS is expected to transform Malawi from being a mainly importing and consuming state into a predominantly manufacturing and exporting country.
Speaking during the European Day celebrations, Minister of Trade and Industry Ted Kalebe said Malawi was hoping that the ongoing discussions on EPAs will come to a meaningful conclusion by the end of this year.