Governor, Reserve Bank Victor Mbewe of Malawi

SUN CITY, South Africa (Reuters) - Malawi's central bank Governor Victor Mbewe said on Tuesday inflation should stay in single digits during 2007 although higher oil prices posed the biggest threat.
But as I said, the surplus maize will ease the pressure," Mbewe said on Tuesday.
In an article published on December 23, 2002, 'The New Sun' alleged that Mr Mbewe had a love affair with his Bank's Public Relations Officer (PRO.
GOVERNOR for the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) Victor Mbewe has challenged accountants in the country to be at the forefront monitoring governance of all local institutions as one way of growing the economy.
Presenting a keynote address under the theme ‘Driving the Malawi economy forward’ at this year’s Society of Accountant in Malawi (Socam) lake conference in Mangochi, Mbewe said it was the duty of accountants to sound alarms when governance is not being adhered to in both private and public sector.
Speaking during the opening of bank’s branch in Mzuzu, RBM governor Victor Mbewe said it was pleasing to note that the bank had launched its expansion programme at the time when the economy was in a boom.
Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) governor Victor Mbewe said on Friday the rapid growth of economic activities in the Northern Region was the driving force behind the decision to build the central banks branch in Mzuzu.
Mbewe said this in Mzuzu during the laying of the foundation stone marking the official starting of the construction project for the branch presided over by President Bingu wa Mutharika.
digits during 2007, although higher oil prices posed the biggest threat.