Minister in the Department of the Prime Minister Abdul Aziz Amirsham of Malaysia

Adoi!Either Amirsham is a "spot the question" minister OR he was informed of the Khairy question earlier.
head to read from his prepared text.
National Vision Policy and the National Vision under the 9th Malaysia Plan.
Amirsham said if the national poverty line was raised to RM1,500, poor households would make up 24.
To another question from Abdul Khalid on the status of the proposal on minimum wage, Amirsham said the matter was still under consideration.
The little I know, in Maybank, Amirsham had to resist frequent interference from the politicians but ultimately he prevailed because of the Amanah Raya’s stake in Maybank.
I am sure Amirsham has pretty good credentials and a decent track record in the Malaysian banking industry.
Amirsham has always been a nerd in his student days, a private and shy individual who kept mostly to himself.
I can’t quite comprehend your reasoning that Amirsham is under KJ just for this incident.
Amirsham said domestic consumers and industries were using the natural gas produced in West Malaysia.
Amirsham said the RM7 billion stimulus package announced by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was a pre-emptive short-term move to stimulate economic growth, provide market confidence and lessen the impact on the lower income group.
Reiterating Abdullahs speech late last month, Amirsham said the government sought to close the gap between the middle class and the poor, between the ethnic communities as well as between the rural and urban populations.
Opposition MPs when they saw that Amirsham was reading from a prepared text.
Amirsham said the management accountants are regarded as the value creators in business, as distinct from a very specialist role of external financial reporting.
Amirsham said although the industry remained largely unregulated, unlike external auditing for example, the public placed great hope in management accounting becoming a standard practice in Malaysian companies.
At the same time, Amirsham said the corporate and business culture in Malaysia must ensure that the significant element of best practice objectives are being understood by every member of the firm or company.
Amirsham said the EPU, which jointly organised the three-day workshop with the Institute of Malaysia and International Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and the World Bank Institute, was looking at medium and long-term solutions.
Amirsham said there were various mechanism to ensure stability in the liquidity system and that banks continued to make credit available and were able to lend money.
On the economic outlook next year, Amirsham said while there were expectations of a contraction in terms of exports, domestic spending would remain strong and powerful.
Amirsham said the government had announced its stabilization plan to address immediate term issues and to shore up consumer and investor confidence.