Minister of Unity, Culture, Arts, and Heritage Apdal Shafie of Malaysia

industry," Shafie was quoted as saying.
Shafie said he loved BN,what a joke !I think he loves his position and not BN-lah.
If Shafie is trying to defend his quota system, he is asking the public to access him more.
Shafie had said that the move would save the Government about RM234.
Shafie said petrol station operators should inform the Government on the extent of the diesel shortage for the necessary action to be taken.
It is not a secret that Shafie has lobbied for projects and passed them to UF Engineering of the Leeka Group.
In fact it is also an open secret that Shafie receives his political funds for both General Election and Party campaigns from Leeka.
If the purchase price is lower than the open market price, we will be prepared to consider importing raw sugar from China," Shafie said in parliament late Monday, the state Bernama news agency reported.
In eastern states, "the problem was brought about by an excess number of wholesalers who had mopped up a lot of sugar, creating an artificial shortage," Shafie was quoted as saying in the New Straits Times.
Shafie said the government was introducing a system to monitor sugar supplies and check hoarding, the Star reported Tuesday.
Asked about the possibility of flour shortages in the market, Shafie said there was sufficient flour supply in the country.
Shafie said he had contacted Ramalingam and they have agreed to discuss the matter.
Shafie said the Government was taking steps to reduce the country’s reliance on fossil fuel by encouraging the use of alternative renewable energy.
Foreign retailers in Malaysia are making money, otherwise they wont be asking for more sites, Shafie said in the May 31 interview.
In giving the approval, the cabinet also instructed the (arts and culture) ministry to monitor the concert to ensure that the performances do not clash with the Malaysian culture and values," Shafie was quoted as saying.
Shafie said he sent a team to meet Wal-Mart in the US.
5%, but Mohd Shafie said consumers, especially those from the younger generation, would do well to be cautious.
In his speech earlier, Shafie said it was partly a consumer's responsibility to be shrewd in comparing prices and making the correct choice in buying something with quality at a reasonable cost.
Shafie said it was also important for the Government to maintain the current petrol price despite the fluctuating prices of oil globally.
When I first read this, after the initial bile had settled, I considered that what Shafie had said was merely a feckless bureaucrats blunt acknowledgment that the visual arts is very much an industry, a trade of luxury goods and his blatant exploitation of this sudden epiphany (aspresiasi seni di kalangan jabatan kerajaan, indeed!) for the good of the GDP.
Will get support from SabahShafie is positive about support from his home state of Sabah - which has the most number of Umno divisions - as has been the case when he contested for the partys supreme council member since 1997.
Shafie is also adamant to stay on the race when asked if he would back out if another supreme council member from the state, Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman, decided to go for the post.
Shafie said the Government paid RM15 billion in fuel subsidies last year.
Shafie said some 285,000 stage bus and express bus operators and lorry and taxi drivers would be issued fleet cards entitling them to subsidised diesel.
In another development, Shafie said 250 community liaison officers who had been appointed by the ministry to handle conflicts in villages and housing estates, would also be tasked with monitoring issues which touched on racial sensitivities.
Shafie said the ministry would supply 1,000 units of computers to RT sectors next year so that the society could have access to information.
Well umno, Shafie says behave so behaves yourselves.