Minister in the Department of the Prime Minister Bernard Giluk Dompok of Malaysia

Bernard Giluk Dompok is playing a dangerous game of trying to rile up Sabahan to go against the Federal government because of his disillusionment with the PM and probably the Chief Minister of Sabah but still wants to wear the BN's hat.
Right on the mark Hantu Laut!Dompok is an opportunist.
Dompok is a selfish man, he said he only cares for his voters.
Dompok is only doing it for his survival especially since it is a fact that he has been around for 23+ years as an Assemblyman, MP cum Minister, DCM and CM and Fed Minister.
non-Muslim communities in the country.
Speaking at the inaugural World Ethics and Transparency Forum here on Monday, Dompok said the government had identified institutional infrastructures and the eradication of corruption as key strategies to improve transparency.
Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok's view posted by Malaysiakini on Thursday prompted `congratulations' and supports from Malaysia's Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang.
state, Tan Sri Dompok was the only Cabinet minister to refute it.
Tan Sri Dompok said he spoke up because there is no purpose in living in denial.
Sri Dompok said it was a matter of semantics.
Tan Sri Dompok said the Attorney-General's Office was still studying the issues.
In Putrajaya, Minister in the Prime Ministers Department Tan Seri Bernard Giluk Dompok has dismissed as impossible Anwars claim that the opposition coalition would form the Federal Government on Sept 16.