Minister of Higher Education Nordin Khaled of Malaysia

Since his appointment on March 27, Khaled has been making the rounds of university campuses.
Khaled said the ministry was shifting its focus to government-sponsored students although private students would still be welcome to study in Malaysia.
Mohamed Khaled said the Government had in the past ignored such articles.
Mohamed Khaled said he would bring up the issue in the next Cabinet meeting.
On the hand over of power from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in mid-2010, Mohamed Khaled said Pasir Gudang Umno respected the decision.
Meanwhile, Higher Education Minister Khaled said he would bring the issue about bloggers to the Cabinet although he was not the minister responsible.
Meanwhile, Khaled said the ministry had yet to decide who would take over from Higher Education Department director-general Datuk Prof Dr Hassan Said whose contract ends Wednesday.
In his speech, Khaled said the strategic partnership between UniTar, IBFIM and FPAM could serve as an important platform to invest in the human capital necessary for the promotion of the Islamic financial industry worldwide.
To correct former VC Rafiah rude comments about “that thing between the legs” against all male, she should rephrased her comments about Khaled has no thing between his legs to challenge Rafiah over her kurang ajar termination in open live debate via NTV7.
We wonder whether Khaled is willing to take up the debate live with Rafiah to straight out the subject and also her dignity and reputation so that Rafiah is able to retire peacefully.
be included in the negotiations to resolve problems between the two countries.
On why University of Malaya was not chosen despite being the best university in Malaysia, Khaled said the method used by the Times Higher Education Supplement does not necessarily mean the higher ranked universities are better.
When asked the difference between an Apex university and other universities, Khaled said that it was not fair to make such comparisons.
Khaled said RM12 million has been allocated by CIDB this year to train 3,000 youths with skills for the industry.
This is because the technical report from SP Setia is expected within the next 24 hours," Mohamed Khaled said in a statement.
Khaled said universities were also allowed to organise demonstrations on the issue without ministry approval.
Born in Algeria but now based in France, Khaled is known as the king of rai.
In his speech, Khaled said Malaysia only commercialised 3.