Minister of Entrepreneurial and Cooperative Development Omar Noh of Malaysia

Kit Siang said Malaysian students overseas are bearing the brunt of it.
example to all others, he said in a statement.
Noh said this showed non-bumiputera companies were unwilling to offer an opportunity to Bumiputeras to buy their equity whilst many Bumiputera entrepreneurs were present at the event to sell their stakes to non-bumiputeras.
On MCA vice-president Datuk Liow Tiong Lai call on the government to abolish the Bumiputera equity ownership requirement in public-listed companies, Noh said matters written in the Federal Constitution should not be raised again.
In this instance, Noh is definitely confused.
penalties, Noh was quoted as saying by Bernama.
associations and non-governmental organisations to handle cases of bullying.
Noh said the proposal, if implemented, would not only benefit the 800,000 children of the bank's members nationwide but also lure more people to become its members.
With the many applications for admission and the limited places available in each MRSM, Noh was confident that the proposal would materialise.
Noh said Tahir, described by President George W.
Noh said Tahir was being held under the Internal Security Act (ISA), which allows for two-year detention periods which can be renewed indefinitely and would not be brought to court because his offences were committed "at an international level.
Noh said Tahir's actions undermined Malaysia's security and economy, exposing the country "to possible threats of attack by the big powers and to economic sanctions.
I think Noh was talking like a politician and didnt really think about the feasibility end of it.
Noh said he had not been detained earlier because investigations were under way, and revealed for the first time Saturday that Libyans involved in that country's nuclear weapons programme had been secretly trained here under an arrangement made by Tahir.
Noh said shortcomings in enforcing cyber laws meant that the authorities could use other laws such as the ISA - which provides for detention without trial - should there be fears that activities of certain individuals posed a threat to national security.
Noh said one of the new conditions that could be introduced by financing agencies is making it compulsory for borrowers to attend courses organised by Mara for several months before their loan applications are approved.
Noh said he had called for a study on the matter following a discussion at the two-day business financing seminar in Johor Baru over the weekend.
Noh said the facility would be extended to graduates who had been blacklisted for failing to pay their study loans.
This machine will enable more students to undergo drug checks so that those suspected of being addicted can undergo counselling and begin the recovery process,â€‌ Noh was quoted as saying by the Malay-language Berita Harian daily.
Noh said many parents had expressed discomfort at the urine tests, adding that only pupils with a positive reading from the eye-scan machine will have to get their urine tested.
Noh said Tahir used Malaysia as an illegal base to organize the manufacture of centrifuge parts for Libya's nuclear weapons programs, and had secretly brought Libyan technicians to Malaysia to receive training for those programs.
Noh denied the government had been pressured by Washington.
We question if the detention of Tahir is an attempt by the government to cover up other important persons in the scandal of nuclear weapons from being exposed, activist Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh said in a news conference yesterday (Sean Yoong, Associated Press, May 31.
Noh said that if ITNM could increase the number of foreign titles that were translated to Malay, there would be more material available for the local people to read and understand.
Noh said that apart from translating more foreign book titles into Malay, ITNM should also translate more Malay book titles into other languages to enhance the status of the national language.
Noh had insisted Tuesday he believed police had not flouted procedure in making the woman strip.
If Noh didnt know the womans identity then hes failed his ministerial reponsibilty to get the facts straight before shooting off his mouth.