Minister of Federal Territories Rafique Zulhasnan of Malaysia

Zulhasnan was the first deputy minister to be appointed to the ministry.
Zulhasnan said that the FT BN have been holding retreats in preparation for the next general election since June last year.
Zulhasnan has a direct line to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and he does not need any pesky son-in-law to approve what he does.
And to show who is boss, Zulhasnan is going to kick Khairy and his boys out of Kuala Lumpur.
But since Zulhasnan has kicked them out, they may now have to contest somewhere far away from Kuala Lumpur instead.
Zulhasnan has manipulated RM700 million worth of government contracts in Kuala Lumpur and has given them to his friends and cronies.
I'm quite sure Zulhasnan is involved with Seri Meraga Sdn Bhd.
On public transportation issues, Zulhasnan said an integrated plan is being looked into for the whole of the Klang Valley, including rail, taxi and bus services, as well as private vehicles entering congested areas.
Zulhasnan said he would discuss the matter with Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Development Minister, Datuk Noh Omar, and they would both go to the field and listen to complaints the traders had regarding the new building.
All Zulhasnan is guilty of here is that hes a family man.
Hello bro!Wats up man with u?From day one Dato Zulhasnan took his post as FT Minister(after the general election )u have something to say bout him.
Zulhasnan is one of the most corrupt ministers of UMNO.
Wilayah has 10 Pakatan Rakyat MPs and Zulhasnan is only 1 in parliament.
Zulhasnan said Chow Kit, like other tourist spots, should reflect Kuala Lumpurs holistic development plans.
Zulhasnan said the money would be spent on pumps and 10 additional flood retention ponds planned for the city -- the construction of which had stalled over a lack of money.
The sites for the 10 were identified some time ago but work could not start due to a lack of funds," Zulhasnan was quoted as saying in the Star daily.
Speaking to reporters after his visit to the centre yesterday, Zulhasnan said ITIS is an advanced traffic management system comparable with similar systems in other developed cities.
Zulhasnan had in 2007 mooted the idea of a One Stop Centre for each of the three local authorities - the Labuan.
Zulhasnan said he had studied the various views and had made a decision on the controversy.
Zulhasnan said he had asked Datuk Ab Hakim Borhan, the Datuk Bandar, for a report on the rationale for the name change.
in March 2004 before his promotion.