Minister of Human Resources S. Subramaniam of Malaysia

Subramaniam is known not be in good terms with MIC's president, Datuk Seri S.
Samy Vellu as Subramaniam was dropped as a candidate for the 11th general election by Samy Vellu - three days before nomination day.
According to Samy Vellu, Subramaniam has enjoyed his time as a Member of Parliament, parliamentary secretary and deputy minister, citing "now it was the turn of others to taste such fame.
Subramaniam stood to defend his deputy president post in the 2006 party elections but Samy Vellu went around campaigning that a vote for Subramaniam was a vote against Samy and that he endorsed Datuk G.
Speaking to reporters later, Subramaniam said he was pushed when he tried to put forward a suggestion at the meeting.
This was somewhat ironic because Perak FA coach Steve Darby was originally unaware that Subramaniam was actually a Perak player.
As a result of these performances, Subramaniam was called up for various assignments with the national team.
Subramaniam was announced as Perak team captain for the 2009, replacing Ahmad Shahrul Azhar.
Subramaniam has earned national caps at various age levels.
Upon his return from that assignment, Subramaniam was then called up for training with the senior team.
Shivan Subramaniam is chairman and CEO of FM Global, a leading insurer of many of the world’s largest businesses.
Expenditure Council, and a member of the dean’s advisory council at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management.
Subramaniam is the MIC Secretary General.
At one point, Subramaniam was shoved by detractors who wanted him to stop asking questions.
Subramaniam said he too was subjected to unruly behaviour.
According to Paari, Subramaniam was treated cordially at the AGM and had even motioned for him to come down from the stage so that they could talk.
Subramaniam had given US a letter stating his intention only two days before the AGM and this is why we could not accommodate him.
and Biochemistry at the University of California at San Diego.
Subramaniam is the second son of K.
Subramaniam has given US a collection of magazine articles, by himself, his father & various other (attributed) collaborators.
Subramaniam said of the 16,000 Indians who applied for government jobs last year, only 1,500 were offered postings.
Subramaniam said MIC was also working hard to improve Indian equity in the capital market from 1.
When the dust settled, Subramaniam found himself the newly minted CEO of Johnston, R.
Subramaniam is responsible for strategic and operational direction at FM Global, one of the world's leading commercial and industrial property insurers.
Named chairman in 2002, Subramaniam was elected president and CEO in 1999.
Subramaniam received his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani, India, and has since earned two master's degreesone in operations research from Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, N.
Samy Vellu, in power since 1979, prepares to contest for another term as president in March against the advice of even several top Umno leaders, Subramaniam is faced with a dilemma.
Muthupalaniappan has failed to ignite a revolt and even this lightweight challenger admits that he would give way if Subramaniam takes on Samy Vellu.
Samy Vellu was absent but Subramaniam was present and he and Saravanan, until recently arch enemies, were openly hobnobbing and letting the media take photographs.
MIC leader Dr S Subramaniam has described the series of measures unveiled by the government recently to help the Indian community as a sign that it never marginalised the community.
Subramaniam has joined Norquay Technology Inc.