Minister of Transport Tee Keat Ong of Malaysia

When Ong was MCA Youth Chief, he criticised the party top brass for the decision in 2002 to acquire Nanyang Press Holdings Bhd.
Ong was previously Deputy Higher Education Minister.
Ong is married to Datin Chooi Yoke Chun and has three daughters.
managerial and administrative capabilities are beyond doubt.
Datuk Ong is Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons.
By citing his duties as Transport Minister as the reason for not being able to make time for the night-time debate - and also for hemming and hawing for three months over an interview appointment with this news portal and cancelling at least twice - Ong has sent a clear message: "I do not need to campaign anymore.
But perhaps all this is simply because Ong knows how elections are won and lost.
Judging by the short videos that premiered along with Ong's manifesto last month, however, relevance is something that Ong has yet to master.
Asked to comment on Chuas remarks that he was not given any significant portfolio in the party, Ong said that as head of the government affairs monitoring bureau, Chua was holding a significant portfolio.
Asked whether the replacement of its minister and two deputy ministers who had lost in the party elections last month would be discussed in the cabinet meeting tomorrow, Ong said it was unlikely.
Ong said he had explained to the leaders as the people had the right to know.
No doubt Ong is still peeved at the unjust rap on his knuckles.
That’s why Ong was reprimanded for (justifiably) criticising the Education Ministry (and by default Minister Hishamuddin) over pathetic management of funds for the repair work, while OTOH, the infamous Cyclops, who had brazenly asked Customs to close one eye to his ‘irregularity’, is still around in the Monkey House, called the Malaysian Parliament, to roam freely around to pass uncouthly remarks at lady MPs.
Ironically, the very people in Malaysia, who cheer for Obama do not think that a Chinese lady is deemed fit to lead PKNS," Ong said in a statement.
Responding to claims that he was avoiding a debate with Datuk Chua Jui Meng, the other candidate vying for the party president’s post, Ong said it was due to his busy schedule in the run-up to party elections.
Ong said he was not afraid of debating with anyone citing his track record of previous debates with various opposition leaders.
Ong said he had received invitations to take part in debates from the Chinese media with four still pending.
Ong said his responsibility as Transport Minister was also important where he had to attend an international air transportation meeting from Oct 13 to 16.
In pamphlets circulated to MCA delegates, Ong was accused of amassing wealth and even owning a RM3mil house in Cheras.
On another matter, Ong said it would be difficult to implement the proposal for Barisan Nasional component parties to merge into a single party in the near future.
Ong was one of the targets fiercely attacked by delegates in the Assembly.
On the appointment of chairmen and deputy chairmen of 24 bureaus in the state liaison committees, Ong said the positions which carried heavy responsibilities, were not something to be proud about.
Ong was born on November 15, 1956 in Perak.
From 1986 until 1990, Ong was the political secretary to the then Minister of Transport.
Ong was next appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Home Affairs from 25 February 1991 through April 1995, before being promoted to be the Deputy Minister of the same Ministry on 3 May 1993.
In the subsequent Cabinet reshuffle, Ong was not retained as a member of the Cabinet by his request, as he wanted to focused his energies in restructuring and reengineering the MCA to win back Chinese voters' support.
increase of more than RM200 million in investments from March to November.