Minister of Foreign Affairs Yatim Rais of Malaysia

In June 2007, Rais was nominated as a candidate for the post of the next Commonwealth Secretary-General after Don McKinnon's term in office ends in March 2008.
According to The Sun, Rais said the police, in relation to the recent detention of reformasi activists, were allowed a certain latitude under Section 73(1) of the Internal Security Act (ISA.
The seven arrests concern security and public order,” Rais said when asked to comment on Suhakam’s call for the detainees to be released immediately or charged in court.
Rais had added the arrests were allowed under Article 151 of the Constitution and were in accordance with the law concerning internal security.
Again, Rais is fully entitled to his opinion or conclusion that the ISA arrests were not human rights abuses.
Part and parcel And how sad indeed that Dr Rais has deserted ‘all those who have suffered from the tyranny of executive excesses’ and become part and parcel of that very tyranny itself, often strutting about the stage as ‘His Master’s Voice’ for Mahathir.
I won’t be surprised if Rais was to be chosen as the director of such an epic.
I'm NOT SURPRISED that Rais enjoyed knowing that the President of USA had to duck shoes thrown at him by an arab reporter.
which means ‘village’ or ‘outdated’ Islam.
Rais said the consent need not necessarily be in the form of papers or letters of declaration, as that would be a big hindrance.
Rais said he was only concerned over the safety of those who travelled alone overseas, especially children.
Rais said that in this regard, Umno, as a party for the Malays, had to be reshuffled and Article 3 of the party’s Constitution on the premises and objectives had to be embraced because it contained the real Malay agenda.
In terms of Bumiputera share in national wealth, Rais said the Malays had to reject the “at least 30 per cent ratio” and replace it with “the highest ratio possible.
The municipal or domestic laws of a nation should not be dictated by the UN's mechanism of laws, unless the former wants to comply,” Dr Rais said in the New Straits Times on Sunday.
Rais said a review was started some time ago but it took time because of the changing conditions in the country in terms of security and public interest.
When a true patriot like RPK, whose sole intention in his articles were to unite the Rakyat by explaining islam in detail has gone into ISA, Rais is now telling not to use ISA on Ahmad Ismail, who by his words created such a racial tension in Malaysia that created a scenerio where most BN Non-Malay parties would have pulled out of BN.
This rais is another lidah bercabang fella.
Rais said the OIC must also have "a clear path of action" and engage the various regional blocs to work together on the Gaza issue.
Speaking ahead of an emergency meeting of the OIC in Saudi Arabia over the weekend, Rais said he will propose formation ofa group to channel Palestinian views and to oversee peacekeeping efforts in the region.
Rais was quoted as saying that the idea came out of a review of criminal cases involving Malaysians abroad.
to be denied appeal, Rais said it was a positive suggestion.
Rais had been tasked to develop a comprehensive major national programme in culture as a pivotal element in local human development, a subject deemed somewhat neglected heretofore.
Rais is an active member of the Asia Europe Ministerial Meeting.
When asked if Malaysian authorities would summon the US Ambassador to explain the statements made against Malaysia, Rais said there was too much summoning lately, and that he would prefer to let it go.
But Rais said the rising cost of oil was pushing up food prices worldwide and it would be “unrealistic” to exclude it from the meeting.