Minister of Islamic Affairs Abdul Majeed Bari of Maldives

Minister of Islamic Affairs Abdul Majeed Bari has said that a system which will enable the local fishermen to easily sell all their fish catch needs to be established and that the necessary steps to solve the problems the fishermen of the country is presently facing needs to be taken without further delay.
MALE: There is simply no reason why religions other than Islam are legalized in Maldives and that every effort will be made to protect the country’s Islamic identity and unity, Islamic Affairs Minister Abdul Majeed Bari has said.
Secretary of SGA, Ahmed Abdul Bari said on Friday.
Moreover, the party's Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari has said that he supports the direct implementation of "hadd" punishments under Shariah Law, including the death penalty for apostasy if the person in question fails to re-convert.
Abdul Majeed Bari said it is President Gayoom who has been lying to his people and using religion as a tool for political gains.
Minister Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari said the ministry had consulted experts to find ways to block the site, which was both in Dhivehi and English.