Minister of Tourism Ahmed Ali Sawad of Maldives

Ahmed Ali Sawad has been appointed as the Maldives Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture.
A family member said that Sawad was a very educated and intelligent person.
Sawad was sworn in following the re-alignment of ministries after His Excellency Mohamed Nasheed was elected as the 4th president of the Maldives.
Ahmed Ali Sawad has been appointed as the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture on 12th November 2008.
At a Monday ceremony, Sawad said he was “ready to take one step after the other behind Gasim, to save ourselves from the 30-year-old cruelty of a decayed government.
Whilst other political groups have accused the Republican Party of being dominated by business interests, Sawad says he has no stake or interest in businesses.
Family backgroundAhmed Ali Sawad is one of the remarkable children of the well respected traditional medicine expert Mr Ali Hussein (H.
Sawad joined the Jumhooree Gulhun as a running mate out of his pure sincerity to serve the nation at this important juncture.
Political experienceYes it is true that Sawad has not got the kind of experience that most of the current day political figures have! That kind of experience has and is letting the people of the country down!On the contrary, he has got what most of these political heavy weights do not have: sincerity.
Thus my support and praise to somebody like Dr Sawad is purely based along these lines.
But if what you have said about Sawad is true, then I think he is capable of doing his job as the running mate of JP.
Sawad was involved in the family business Alysen as Director, Legal Affairs.
Let me also add that, to my understanding, sawad has been extremely wary of the burdens taken up by his parents in educating him and his siblings.
of Tourism, Arts and Culture on 12th November 2008.
Tourism minister Ahmed Ali Sawad said that new considerations will be brought to the bidding regulations of the resorts, according to the changes in the world markets.
Ibrahim, the presidential candidate of the Jumhooree Coalition.
a proper democracy in the Maldives.
Awards and RecognitionSawad received a first rank Gold Medal from National Law School of India University, for the Master of Laws Program 9 in recognition of the Best Thesis and High Grade Point Average in year 2000.
ExperienceSawad has worked in both Times of India and Indian Express as sub editor and cub-reporter while he was studying in Bangalore.
Sawad was speaking to the People’s Majilis at its meeting held on Thursday, when the new bill proposed by the government to extend the lease period of tourist resorts was opened for debate.