Minister of Defense and National Security Ameen Faisal of Maldives

Ameen Faisal is the incumbent Minister of Defence and National Security of the Republic of Maldives.
Ameen Faisal was first allowed out of his cell for a walk on 18th November.
would have previously weakened his kidneys.
If Faisal is not released without charge by 6 May, the government will face an international “Free Faisal” campaign.
A campaign website is under construction and Dr Faisal is in contact with international NGO Amnesty International and other human rights organisations, as well as her local Member of Parliament, Conservative Alistair Burt.
She also said that the campaign would continue to raise international awareness of the Maldivian government’s commitments to democratic reform, even if Faisal is released.
Faisal was brought to Malé on Sunday for medical attention after he complained of pain in his shoulder and in his lower abdomen.
Faisal denies he has been mistreated by police and his lawyer denied reports he has been kept in solitary confinement on Dhoonidhoo.
Faisal was arrested in August 2006 after allegedly disrupting police who were under instructions to end a rally organised by the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP.
Speaking to Minivan news on Tuesday, Faisal said he was pleased and not worried or concerned to be in court.
If Faisal is found guilty, he will be jailed between one and four years, banished for two to eight years or receive a fine of not more than US$311.
Trial against the former MDP activist, Ameen Faisal was continued today morning.
Ameen Faisal is the Minister for Defense in the present government.
A week into the new government after Ameen Faisal took the defense office his wife left to Singapore in an emergency and rumors spread wide that the minister abused the ministrys budget to by air tickets for his wife.
The issue was taken seriously while some anti-government activists accused Ameen Faisal took over USD 900.
The rumors also speaks that Ameen Faisal had been abusing budget and took his lover on a medical visit to Singapore.
The security detail provided to former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom by the Government has not been revoked, Defence Minister Ameen Faisal has said, denying the reports made to the effect in the media a few days ago.
Amin Faisal is being held without access to legal representation whichis in contravention of all international humanitarian conventions andthe Maldives is signitory to several of them.
Faisal is widely known (in the Maldives) to be diabetic and is also on medication for high blood pressure.
Amin Faisal has been targeted by the police on several occasions.
Ameen Faisal is with the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party, he is under close surveillance.
Amin Faisal was held without access to legal representation for nearly a week before his lawyer was able to visit him.
Honourable Faisal is in Malaysia to represent the Maldives at the 3rd Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held in Kuala Lumpur from 2-4 December 2008.