Minister of Human Resources, Youth, and Sports Hassan Latheef of Maldives

Latheef was born in the island of Meedhoo in Addu atoll.
Latheef lives with his wife and children in Male.
His father Hassan Latheef is the son of Mohamed Didi son of Abdullah Didi son of Ibrahim Manikufaan son of Mohamed Manikufaan (also known as Meedhoo Rahaa) son of Husain Manikufaan son of Prince Ibrahim Manikufan son of Sultan Hassan X son of Sultan Ali VII of Isdhoo Dynasty.
In 1992 Latheef joined Haveeru Daily as a specialized writer on international affairs and international sports; currently, he is foreign news editor and a staff columnist.
Latheef was also a weekly commentator on the National radio from 1994 to 2005.
Interim Spokesperson of Social Liberal Party (SLP) Hassan Latheef has revealed that the ongoing visits to the atolls carried by Ibrahim Ismail (Ibra) Leader of SLP, as part of his presidential campaign is going smoothly and successfully as expected.
In an exclusive given to Miadhu Daily yesterday night Hassan Latheef said as per the Party Guidelines an election must be held among the branches of the party for the election of the presidential candidate.
MALE: 7270 foreign workers are ‘in hiding’ and that 600 of them have not even paid their work permit fees, Minister of Human Resources, Youth and Sports Hassan Latheef has said.
Latheef said that there are some 18,201 foreigners who have not paid up their work permit fees, as of 15 December.
Hassan Latheef said that the interim leadership mandated the posts of the party opened for every eligible candidate to take the job, but there were no more than one candidate for each post during the time period till the polling was made.
Minister Latheef said that the Maldives Police can crack down every illegal Immigrant worker in the country but the problem is to keep these people and difficulties finding those who will take the responsibilities and bear the cost of their deportation.
Political discussions between Social Liberal Party (SLP) and Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) are an ongoing affair, Deputy Leader of SLP as well as Chief Spokesperson for Ibra 2008 Hassan Latheef has said.
Abdulla Naseer as the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, and Mohamed Latheef was appointed as Permanent Secretary of Civil Aviation and Communication.
Human Resources Minister Hassan Latheef has promised to establish a labour tribunal and create a fully functioning labour relations authority to handle employment disputes after 150 workers held demonstrations on Sunday.