Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Ibrahim Didi of Maldives

Al Ameer Mohamed Amin Dhoshimeynaa Kilegefaanu (Dhivehi: އަލްއަމީރު މުހައްމަދު އަމީން ދޮށިމޭނާ ކިލެގެފާނު) (July 20, 1910- 1954) popularly known as Mohamed Amin Didi was a Maldivian political figure.
Amin Didi was also the principal of Majeediyya School from 1946 to 1953.
Mohamed Amin Didi was the leader of the first political party in the Maldives, Rayyitunge Muthagaddim Party.
Mr Amin Didi was not aware of these events which had taken place in his absence and he returned to the country ignorant of what have happened.
During this time Athireege Abdul Majeed Didi was the political leader of the country.
Hilihilaage Moosa Didi was the managing partner of MM Ibrahim Didi's company.
Regardless of the fact that Ali Didi was wealthy, his son Mohamed Didi had been killed and he had lost the odi.
Ameen's financesAt this time, Hilihilaage Moosa Didi had been the deputy at the Home Ministry for two years.
Before, Velaanaage Ibrahim Didi had held the position.
It became a commonly known secret that Ameen Didi had bought a hundi (financial promissory note) valued at 25,000 Sri Lankan rupees for 200,000 Maldivian rupees, from Moosa Didi's company at a rate of 8 rupees for one Sri Lankan rupee.
Moosa Did would be more appropriate as his deputy.
com Afeef Didi was forced to take the role of the executive head of the state.
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Airport in Colombo by Sri Lankan Interpol officers and was taken back to Mal.
Meanwhile, Ahmed Ibrahim Didi was picked up the next day at the International Airport in Colombo by Sri Lankan Interpol officers.
Didi was hospitalized for heart trouble; then, in early 2004, he was then temporarily put under house arrest until such time as he recovered.
Earlier Didi has said he has started exploring new markets for Maldives fisheries products and the Government is committed to get the best out of the industry for fishermen and country.
treatment not available in the Maldives.
Mr Didi was sentenced to life in prison in 2002, a term later changed to 15 years, while Mr Waheed also received a 15-year jail term.
Ahmed Ibrahim Didi was charged and convicted under sections 29 and 163 of the penal code on offences against the state and criminal defamation, respectively.
Mr Didi had originally been jailed alongside three other dissidents for writing articles for an underground e-mail newsletter called Sandhaanu.
Didi said that the Party would accept defeat but not now, he said that they would like to believe the election to be free and fair.
Didi said that he is exploring the possibility of opening a retail outlet in London to sell Maldives fisheries products and will be inviting the private sector to join in this venture.
Didi is on a holiday and all what he is trying to do is to meet some officials to justify his air ticket and the hotel expenses paid by the people of Maldives.
If Didi is responsible person he should return home and resign.
Didi was reportedly hospitalised for a serious heart complaint on 10 February 2004 and doctors reportedly recommended his transfer to a hospital abroad for further treatment not available in the Maldives.
Ahmad Ibrahim Didi was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2002 for his involvement in the production of an internet email magazine, Sandhaanu.
Speaking on the bill to amend the Import Export Act, MP for Kaafu atoll, Maria Ahmed Didi said that she is in full support of waiving tax on all items, and the extent of benefits the people are getting due to the reduction or waiving of these tax exemptions should be carefully studied and analyzed.