President Mohamed Nasheed of Maldives

After his arrest, acting Government Spokesman Mohamed Hussain Shareef told reporters that Nasheed had been detained for "his own safety.
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Nasheed was taken from a holding cell located at the National Security Service quarters to a so-called civil court (Jinaai Court) under Police guard.
Mohamed Nasheed had never admitted to the charges of theft, and the Judge denied him his legal rights to present his case or respond to the charges made against him.
However, a government-controlled daily ('Haveeru') carried a news item alleging that Nasheed had stolen several items the Velaanaage property.
Apart from being a popular member of parliament, Mohamed Nasheed is also a writer and an avid fan of History.
cabinet of President Nasheed was sworn in.
DATE: 2009-01-10 | PRINT | BOOKMARK President Mohamed Nasheed has reiterated that the Government will not falter in protecting the Constitution of the country.
total of 10,000 housing units in various areas of the country will commence during the second quarter of the year, President Mohamed Nasheed has said.
Speaking at a press conference held at Hulhumalé on Tuesday, President Nasheed said that under the.
Male, Nov 11 - As Mohamed Nasheed was sworn in as president of the Maldives Tuesday, India assured the new democratic leadership that it will help the Indian Ocean nation in tiding over the current financial crisis and hoped to diversify strong bilateral ties that could include an Indian company building a nationwide transport network.
Nasheed was released in June 1993.
On 12 August 2005 Nasheed was arrested again, after participating in a peaceful protest in Mal.
court in Male’ without being advised of his trial or reason for transportation.
his trial had been adjourned and was expecting to be taken to court that day.
that Mr Nasheed had not yet received this material.
there were two police officers present throughout the meeting.
to Act Against the State under article 29 of the Penal Code.
hospital (IGMH) in Male' at approximately 23:00 on 31 August 2005.
granted access to Mr Nasheed on 1 September 2005.
batons and kicked by the police with their shod feet at time of arrest.
strike in order to demand that the cell doors be opened for the entire day.
eight and three year old children.
2005 that Mr Nasheed was detained for his own safety.
Mohamed Nasheed has been sworn in as the 4th President of the Republic of Maldives this morning.
Maldives in Inter Press Services (IPS.
Nasheed had been previously charged with terrorism had those charges had also been dropped.
This hugely increased the pressure on Mr Gayoom to progress with democratic reforms, especially after Mr Nasheed was granted political asylum by the British Government the following year.
Citing provisional figures, election commissioner Mohamed Ibrahim said yesterday in the capital Male that Nasheed had won 54.
Moores University in Liverpool in 1984 where he read maritime studies.
British Government the following year.
graduating from Liverpool University.
determination to bring democracy and freedom to Maldives.
Mohamed Nasheed has said that Adam Zahir could be charged in British courts for his treatment of prisoners in Maldives jails.
Mohamed Nasheed has challenged Maumoon Gayyoom many times in the past and refused lucrative offers to join Gayyoom's clique.
Nasheed has been charged over his writings, his published books have been seized and in 2002 he was stripped of his Majlis seat after ludicrous allegations of theft, during an auction at ex-president Ibrahim Nasir's demolished house, were upheld by the same person who has instigated the charges – Maumoon Gayyoom.
In the Majlis, Mohamed Nasheed was one of the vocal supporters of multi-party systems and procedures ensuring ministers (all chosen personally by Gayyoom from among his family and trusted associates) be made accountable to the Majlis for their actions.
After imprisonment, torture and exile from his family, Mohamed Nasheed was released in late August 2002.
Mohamed Nasheed took no part in this spontaneous riot.
Mr Nasheed has met challenge after challenge, growing as a leader and putting real flesh on his early promises of hope and change.
Nasheed has those qualities in abundance.
Nasheed has withstood some of the toughest campaign attacks ever mounted against a candidate.
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Mohamed Nasheed has shown great humality on his part when he refuses the path of political retribution despite him being subjected to harrasment in his past ( I sincerely hope he will stick to these principles into the future.
Indian Ocean archipelago Maldives.
of expression and protects the right to dissent.
The arrest of Nasheed was instantly learnt by the people present at Dhunfini tent.
When Nasheed was arrested his supporters near Republican Square expressed their discontent over the matter.
Nasheed said his victory over Gayoom - Asia's longest-serving leader - showed the people of the Maldives were embracing the future.
Earlier, Nasheed had said the gradual rise in sea levels caused by global warming meant the islanders may eventually be forced to resettle elsewhere.
New Leader: a Bold Dissident Born in 1967, Nasheed was educated in Sri Lanka and Britain, and has a degree in maritime engineering.
Educated in the Maldives and then the UK, Nasheed was one of the earliest and boldest dissidents in the islands, pursuing an early career as a journalist until he was persecuted for his writing.
After spending some time abroad upon his release, Nasheed was later jailed again for political writing, becoming an Amnesty Prisoner of Conscience in 1997.
Mohamed Nasheed had long been at the forefront of efforts to push Gayoom towards democratization, organizing the Maldives' main opposition party while exile in Britain.
Nasheed had been imprisoned more than 20 times by Gayoom.
To his supporters Nasheed is a latter day Nelson Mandela, overcoming the hardships of prison to secure an inspirational election win against the odds.
Depicting himself as a harbinger of change throughout the campaign, Nasheed has pledged economic prosperity through privatization once he was in power.
Nasheed is commonly known in the Maldives as Anni and is a former member of Parliament for Mal.
On August 12, 2005, Nasheed was arrested again when he was sitting in the center of the Republican Square, with supporters of MDP, to mark the second anniversary of the Black Friday.
However, on August 22, 2005, the state announced that Nasheed was to be charged with terrorism under the Terrorism Act.
Nasheed was among Gayoom's fiercest critics, contending that the president has ruled with an iron fist, crushing dissent, amassing wealth and stacking his administration with friends and relatives.
the afterglow of electoral victory.
President Nasheed took office after winning the Maldives first ever multi-party elections earlier in the month.
Mohamed Nasheed has defeated President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, who led the country for three decades, but was widely criticized for ruling like a dictator.
Nasheed has promised to usher in more political freedom and root out corruption, which critics say is rampant under President Gayoom.
Nasheed was reportedly charged on 23 August with terrorism and sedition.
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COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - Mohamed Nasheed has been sworn in as the Maldives' first democratically-elected president, ending three decades of single-party rule in the Indian Ocean archipelago.
Nasheed took the oath of office 30 years after his predecessor, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, became president.
as a journalist until he was persecuted for his writing.
becoming an Amnesty Prisoner of Conscience in 1997.
Nasheed received a quick boost as results were being announced Thursday, when Hassan Saeed, a former attorney general who came in third, threw his support behind the pro-democracy activist.
Nasheed was among several members of the newly established opposition party the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) to be arrested on 12 August 2005 during a peaceful protest in Mal.
Nasheed was charged on 23 August 2005 with terrorism and sedition for inciting violence against the president in a speech he made in July 2005.
Mr Nasheed has been a vocal critic of President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom who has ruled the Indian Ocean archipelago for more than 25 years.
Foreign Minister Ahmed Shaheed told Reuters news agency that Mr Nasheed was free to go about his business.
Today morning at Dhurbaruge, the oath taking ceremony took place.
President Nasheed is the first President who got elected democratically.
The runoff elections were held on the 28th of October 2008 in which Mohamed Nasheed was elected.