Minister of Economic Development Mohamed Rasheed of Maldives

Minister Rasheed was later appointed as President of Unilever’s Middle East, North Africa and Turkey businesses based out of London.
Mujeeb told the Gulf Times daily that Rasheed was brought into the country, using a visa provided by Sayeed Mohamed, who is said to be known to one of his friends.
Mohamed Rasheed was appointed as the Chairman and Ali Faiz as the Managing Director of the Company.
Note: Mr Mohamed Ahmed Rasheed has been Minister of Education of Saudi Arabia since 1995.
Foreign Trade and Industry Minister Rasheed Mohamed Rasheed is leading the first official Egyptian delegation to Washington in the aftermath of the US elections earlier this month.
Mohamed Rasheed is the Marketing Manager of the Mal Water & Sewerage Company Pvt.
Rasheed has spent his entire professional life25 years in allexperiencing and solving water problems, from shortage to salinity to pollution.
In statements during a meeting with the country's leading businessmen and exporters on Wednesday, Rasheed Mohamed Rasheed said both the ministries of agriculture and investments are coordinating efforts to hammer out a comprehensive plan for the inter-connected textile and ready-to-wear industries and the growing of cotton to enhance the competitiveness of the Egyptian products abroad.
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Speaking to Haama Daily via telephone the special representative from the president for solving RR Resort issue, Mohamed Rasheed said he is has been talking to the resort management and the protester with concerned government authorities to bring end to the standoff earliest possible time between the management and staff of the resort.
Rasheed said that he hopes both parties will oblige an understanding to end the crisis amid protesters blast the General Manager of the resort and its training manager.
Rasheed said that he is in discussion with the resort management on protesting staff demand.
Rasheed said that it was daily routine for Hassan to take a morning swim in the lagoon.
Source: Info-Prod Research (Middle East))Minister of Trade and Industry Rasheed Mohamed Rasheed said Monday 8/9/2008 that the committee tasked with setting the stage for the coming Arab economic summit to be held in Kuwait next year has recommended discussing legal and organizational mechanisms for achieving economic integration at the summit.
Rasheed is the marketing manager of Male Water Sewage Company, the Flygt pump distributor for the Maldives, a chain of 1,900 tiny islands located 300 miles southwest of India.
Sheikh Rasheed said Jamiyyathu Salaf, a conservative religious group, had threatened the vice president of the Supreme Council, Sheikh Ahmed Farooq Mohamed.
have met the vice president of the council Sheikh Ahmed Farooq Mohamed and Sheikh Farooq has told me that some people have been intimidating him,” Sheikh Rasheed says in the letter.
Addressing the Fifth Euro-Mediterranean Trade Ministerial Conference in Cairo Rasheed said the development dimension is the axis of any agreements on the liberalization of trade in services between the two sides.
Mohamed Rasheed was elected as Vice-President while five members – Mohamed Thoufeeq Ali, Madih Ismail, Mohamed Visham, Ahmed Naseem and Ahmed Mohamed - were elected to the FAM Executive Committee.
Minister of Foreign Trade and Industry Rasheed Mohamed Rasheed said the government decided to take measures to meet the people's needs of meat, fish and dairy producers at affordable prices.
Rasheed said that the government decisions aimed to strike a balance between meeting the people's needs of meat, fish eggs and dairy products and enabling the Egyptian poultry industry to recover.