Minister of Home Affairs Qasim Ibrahim of Maldives

Qasim Ibrahim is one of those few Maldivians who dared to have a dream and the will to follow it.
Former finance minister and business man Qasim Ibrahim will be the newly formed Republican (Jumhooree) Party candidate in the upcoming first multi candidate presidential elections.
After four years, Ibrahim was able to purchase his first shipping vessel, an old fishing vessel converted to carry cargo and oil, to facilitate oil imports.
Qasim Ibrahim was elected as a Member of Parliament in 1989.
Qasim Ibrahim was the Minister of Finance and Treasury in the Maldives government from July 2005 to July 2008.
Qasim Ibrahim joined the recently founded Jumhooree Party (Republican Party), which now is the largest opposision in the Maldives Parliament, and was unanimously elected as the party's choice for the presidential elections in October 2008.
On 19th July 2004, when 23 Special Majlis members walked out in protest against the illicit conducts of the Chairman of the session in matters relating to the election of the Speaker of the Special Majlis, Qasim Ibrahim lead from the front.
The Constitutional Assembly (2004) was already 3 years old and was successfully being manipulated by the regime to delay the revision of the constitution when Qasim Ibrahim was elected as the new Speaker, receiving votes across party lines.
Qasim Ibrahim is a man of integrity and high moral acumen.
Presidential Candidate of Jumhoory Coalition Qasim Ibrahim has denied obstructing exploring of oil undertaken by State Trading Organization (STO) despite the allegations of the company’s CEO Ahmed Mohamed.
Qasim Ibrahim came from humble beginnings.
The leader and the presidential hopeful Qasim Ibrahim said that with his selected youth, the 35-year-old Sawadh, with the merciful giving of Allah and the help of the Maldivian people, he is committed to help the people of the Republic.
Qasim Ibrahim is the leader of the Republican Party.
Although Qasim Ibrahim has resigned from cabinet, he has said publicly, that his resignation was a personal and individual decision, as opposed to a Republican Party’s decision.
Honorable Qasim Ibrahim is being threatened by the oppositions saying that if the current government takes power in the runoff he and his staff would be squeezed like a lemon but he says he is not afraid of such outrageous threats.
Finance Minister as well as Vice Leader of Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP) Qasim Ibrahim has expressed that his resignation from the government is not because of a failed budget as some would wish to believe.
Citing provisional figures, election commissioner Mohamed Ibrahim said yesterday in the capital Male that Nasheed had won 54.
Qasim Ibrahim has been elected as the leader of the Republican Party.
Says he is a failure Business tycoon turned Presidential hopeful from the Republican Party Qasim Ibrahim has turned his focus on another, MDP candidate Mohamed Nasheed (Anni.
to scholarships reigns supreme, as do his many businesses and philanthropy.
According to many Qasim Ibrahim is the only candidate capable of defeating the incumbent president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.
Ibrahim is a well known businessmen in the Maldives and has served as a member of Parliament in the Maldives.
the virtues of hard work, versatility and vision.
Qasim Ibrahim is an outspoken, intense, energetic and charismatic former businessman, well tycoon, to be exact.