Minister of Primary Education, Literacy, and National Languages Sidibe Aminata Diallo of Mali

Sidibé Aminata Diallo is a Malian academic and politician.
Diallo is a member of the faculty of Economic Sciences and Management at the University of Bamako, where she specializes in land management.
Diallo received over 12,000 votes in the election, 0.
Diallo is the chairwoman of the Rally for Education and Sustainable Development (REDD), an association she hopes to transform into a political party.
After the candidacy of Sidibe Aminata Diallo was retained by the constitutional court, she now becomes the first woman ever to contest presidential elections in Mali.
Diallo is the first woman to ever run for president in Mali; a woman had attempted to run in 2002, but her candidacy had been rejected.
Touré was sponsored by 414 communal advisors, Keïta was sponsored by 17 members of parliament, Mamadou Blaise Sangaré was sponsored by 11 members of parliament, Dramé was sponsored by 87 communal advisors, Maiga was sponsored by 115 communal advisors, Mariko was sponsored by 71 communal advisors, Diallo was sponsored by 14 members of parliament, and Maguiraga was sponsored by 55 communal advisors.
DialloMme Sidib Aminata Diallo is the first female candidate to contest a presidential election in Mali.
Mrs Diallo is a professor of development and town planning at Bamako University and has worked for the UN.
The Green Party candidate Sidibe Diallo has made history as the first woman to contest a Presidential elections in Mali.
Sidibé Aminata Diallo is representing the Movement for Environmental Education and Sustainable Development (Rassemblement pour l'éducation à l'environnement et au développement durable.