Minister for Education and Culture Dolores Cristina of Malta

Cristina was re-elected to Parliament from the 9th District in the April 2003 general election.
After the Nationalist victory in the March 2008 general election, Cristina was appointed as Minister for Education and Culture, replacing the unelected former Minister Louis Galea.
admits there is room for improvement.
Family and Social Solidarity on the 23rd March 2004.
the Commission for the Administration of Justice (1996-98.
her election from the 9th and 10th Districts.
a member of the Joint Parliamentary Committee.
Naturally, Ms Cristina is reacting primarily to suggestions that her reform, and her ministry, are heavy-handed and unfair.
In turn Minister for the Family and Social Solidarity Dolores Cristina has insisted that the law is structured in a way similar to those present in other countries.
Speaking to PBS Minister Dolores Cristina said that at a committee stage in Parliament there are possibilities for amendments to the regulation, however she added that not all requests set forward by the NGOs can be conceded.
In April 2003, Giovanna Debono was given the portfolio as Minister for Gozo, while Dolores Cristina was given the post of Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry for Social Policy.
Lawrence Gonzi as Prime Minister, Giovanna Debono kept her previous portfolio, while Dolores Cristina was appointed Minister of the Family and Social Solidarity, and Helen D'Amato was appointed Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Health.
When launching the report, Minister Dolores Cristina said that such drug monitoring is of vital importance for Government and service providers and other relevant parties to get a good picture of the realities they are working within.
The PN electoral programme speaks of education as one of the seven pillars of Vision 2015 - a quality of excellence on a European level, Education Minister Dolores Cristina said on Saturday.
Cristina said the investment in childcare centres would not only allow women to return to work but provide education and care to the children from an early age.
Winding up the debate, Minister Cristina said she agreed with Dr Bonnici about the importance of education and since her ministry covered both education and culture, she would be doing her utmost to bring the two together.
Ms Cristina said that the ticketing system had been changed because the old system had depended on a provider that had restrictions on software.
Concluding, Mrs Cristina said local councils were needed to help protect Maltas heritage.
Minister Cristina said the need for explanations and interpretations of all sites and museums to be in the two official languages of the country, that is in Maltese and English, has always been felt.
Minister Cristina had the opportunity to meet the staff of the Society and afterwards she went through various classrooms, including those of the Floral Art, Art 50+, Malta Lace, Soft Furnishing and also that of the Ganutell and Embroidery.
Malta will continue to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, Culture Minister Dolores Cristina said tonight.
Dolores Cristina was present for the launch that took place at GS superstore which together with Carters Supermarket, Arkadia St.
Minister Cristina said property prices are increasing, and this means that one must justly and yet proportionately allocate housing according to people’s needs, wants and desires.