Deputy Prime Minister Tonio Borg of Malta

Borg is a common surname in Scandinavia and in Malta (with different origins.
Borg was elected as the deputy leader of the Nationalist Party in March 2004, and he became Deputy Prime Minister, while remaining Minister of Justice and Home Affairs, when the previous Deputy Prime Minister, Lawrence Gonzi, succeeded Edward Fenech Adami as Prime Minister.
In a cabinet reshuffle on March 12, 2008, immediately following the Nationalist Party's narrow victory in the March 2008 parliamentary election, Borg was moved to the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs whilst remaining Deputy Prime Minister.
Following the Israeli airstrikes, which are now said to have killed over 280 people in the Gaza Strip, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Tonio Borg has expressed his deep concern about the situation in the region.
The Justice and Interior Ministry confirmed yesterday that the 84 illegal immigrants who landed in Sicily last week will be sent back to Malta.
Deputy Prime Minister Tonio Borg described this visit as a new impetus to the relations of the two countries at a political level.
Dr Borg said that this agreement has the primary objective of making the two countries more attractive for entrepreneurs and believed that Maltese-Swiss economic and commercial cooperation will improve further.
Dr Tonio Borg was born in Floriana, Malta on the 12th of May, 1957.
Borg is also lecturer in Public Law at the University of Malta.
Borg was President of the General Council of the Nationalist Party.
and 1992, Dr Tonio Borg was Director of Mid-Med Bank Ltd.
Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Punishment or Treatment.
interests of the Nationalist Party.
was Party spokesman for Home Affairs between October 1996 and September 1998.
the Nationalist Party general elections victory in April 2003.
Leader of the House Tonio Borg said that in the MaltaToday report, Sant had said that the hacking had been.
illegal migration 'must remain as clear as ever' during the Czech Presidency, Foreign Minister Tonio Borg said on Thursday morning in a seminar, hosted by MEUSAC and the Czech embassy.
Borg said he would urge EU countries to help with burden sharing, by accepting any would-be immigrants who are rescued in international waters.
Describing himself as a pragmatic politician, Borg said he was not expecting miracles from Tuesday's talks.
Adding that Dr Muscat did not understand this clause because he had only spoken of burden sharing on refugees, when the large majority of irregular immigrants who stayed in Malta had humanitarian status, Dr Borg said that there was no way of forcing member states into burden sharing.
Tonio Borg said that the worst year was 2002, where 1, 600 illegal immigrants arrived in Malta, which was almost half that year’s birth-rate.
Asked about the fact that Malta has made a bid to host the European Union's immigration agency, Tonio Borg said that since the real problem is in the Southern border, Malta’s geographic position at the periphery of Europe, would draw the attention of the EU to the problem.
when the Labour government returned to power.
While the Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs said it would be too time consuming to calculate the amount of money the government owes to individuals that it expropriated land from, minister Tonio Borg had calculated that Lm17 million was owed in 1993, when he was still a member of parliament.
The younger Borg had made the expropriation law something of a crusade for himself when an MP and had called the law one which went against human rights.
Under the term during which Dr Tonio Borg was Minister, the amount of compensation paid for expropriation has been doubled, a ministry spokesperson told MaltaToday.
Borg said that when he was looking through the reports of government departments he saw that the amount stated as being due for expropriated land was Lm11.
Indeed minister Borg was instrumental in seeing that the law that caters for compensation for expropriated property was amended so that the amount reflects the market value.
punishment the Eritreans could face upon their return.
Dr Borg said peaceful means were "the only way of reaching a lasting solution to the situation in Gaza" and called for support for the Palestinian government of Mahmoud Abbas.
Foreign Minister Tonio Borg expressed deep concern at the Israeli airstrikes which killed at least 205 people in the Gaza Strip.
Borg was addressing the United Nations’ international meeting on the Question of Palestine, on Malta’s role as an “advocate of peace” in the Middle East.
Tonio Borg is the Deputy Prime Minister of Malta and Minister of Justice and Home Affairs.
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Around 700 Maltese people needed assistance from the countrya s embassies abroad in the first 9 months of the year, the Foreign Affairs minister Tonio Borg said on Friday.
Foreign Affairs minister Tonio Borg is attending to the informal ministerial meeting of the General Affairs Council held under the auspices of the Czech presidency.
Following Israeli airstrikes which killed at least 205 people in the Gaza Strip, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Tonio Borg has expressed deep concern about the situation in the.
Shooting victim 'lucky to be alive' - minister - Today, 10:58 Foreign Minister Tonio Borg said this morning that Sylvana Callus, the 32-year-old woman from Mqabba most seriously injured in yesterday's.
City Gate and Opera House projects will strengthen tourism and culture in Valletta, in preparation for EU cultural events- PN Addressing a PN dialogue on Sunday, Minister Tonio Borg said the projects announced.
During the same activity, Deputy Prime Minister Tonio Borg said that despite the promised 'earthquake' in the PL, the only real change in the party was the name, which was translated into.
Foreign Minister Tonio Borg said that the situation in Bangkok remained confusing although the airports were returning to normal.
Foreign Minister Tonio Borg said this repatriation exercise was a success.
Minister Borg says immigrants are being abandoned at sea and left to their destiny - VivaMalta.
ST JULIANS, Malta (di-ve news) -- July 20, 2005 -- 1500CEST -- The Deputy Prime Minister Tonio Borg said the dangerous, barbaric and ruthless operations where organised criminals are abandoning illegal immigrants at sea between Malta and Italy and leaving them for the European coast guards to retrieve, must stop.
Dr Borg said that Malta has always been ready to provide shelter and refuge to those escaping from persecution or who deserve temporary humanitarian protection.
The increased number of illegal immigrants is putting extreme pressure on the accommodation capabilities as well as the social fabric of the Maltese islands, Foreign Minister Tonio Borg said this morning.
Europe has to speak with one voice but to do so it needs to negotiate a European agreement with Libya, Foreign Minister Tonio Borg said on Tuesday.
Dr Borg was representing Malta at the 6th informal meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Mediterranean EU countries held in Taormina, the so-called Olive Group.