Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Alfred Capelle of Marshall Islands

Alfred Capelle is the Ambassador to the United Nations for Marshall Islands.
Ambassador Capelle took the opportunity to respond to several questions posed by Fletcher students.
Capelle received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1974; and his Master of Arts degree in English as a Second Language from the same University in 1976.
Capelle was born on 20 March 1940.
Ambassador Alfred Capelle is the Permanent Representative of the Republic of the Marshall Islands to the United Nations.
1/18/2002 - Alfred Capelle is going to the big apple.
Capelle said his countrys single most important productive sector and key export was fisheries.
Ambassador Capelle said that the effects of atomic radiation were of utmost concern for the Marshall Islands, as the United States had conducted nuclear tests, including the detonation of 67 large-scale atomic bombs in his country between 1946 and 1958.