Minister of Agro Industry and Fisheries Arvin Boolell of Mauritius

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At a news conference in the capital Port Louis, Boolell said an Indonesian vessel had become the latest to be caught red-handed for illegally fishing in the zone.
Answering a parliamentary question, Boolell said it was in the interest of Mauritius to enter into an ambitious, predictable, legally binding and WTO-compatible Agreement with the EU.
Boolell has pointed out that producing only sugar is not enough anymore, which is why the government is shifting the industry towards becoming a sugar cane industry with a multifunctional role.
Boolell had also evoked the project during his participation in the Second Euro-African Ministerial Conference on Migration and Development held on 25 November 2008 in Paris.
During his visit, Boolell had also met Brice Hortefeux, minister for Immigration, National Identity & Mutually Supportive Development and Patrick Stefanini, Secretary General of the Ministry of Immigration with whom he discussed the possibility of involving the International Organisation for Migration in the implementation of the agreement signed between Mauritius and France.
Mr Boolell said the ministers also agreed on the need to maintain a minimum price no lower than the current preference price until 2015, and called for improved market access.
Conference chairman Doctor Arvin Boolell said under new circumstances, "they (EC) have obligations that they have to honour.
Dr Boolell said the meeting discussed strategies for managing the challenges of reform in the EU sugar sector and the EC's recent market access offer in the context of the Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations.
Boolell said a high-level mission of ACP leaders would travel to Europe to lobby for more time for a convergent solution between the two groups on the trade question.
The chairman of the ACP meeting, Mauritius Sugar Minister Arvin Boolell said Thursday the EU's plans sent shivers down our spine.