Vice President Alik Alik of Micronesia, Federated States of

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of Foreign Affairs): March 11, 2008 - The Honorable Vice President Alik Alik received in Palikir Mr.
Vice President Alik is to be the committee's chairperson.
Senator Alik Alik was the only United Democratic Party member chosen for leadership, taking the new Vice Speaker seat with a vote of 17 to 16 over Aelon Kein Ad's Kaibuke Kabua.
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Vice Speaker Alik was born in the outer island of Jaluit Atoll on June 23, 1949 to a family of twelve.
During the recent term, Senator Alik was elected as Vice Speaker of the Nitijela (parliament.
Alik was elected by his colleagues to serve as the organizations’ Treasurer for the APIL 2008-2009 Term.
Vice Speaker Alik Alik is married and have five children and four grandchildren and enjoys local farming and fishing.
At the time of trial, Alik was 25 years old.
President Alik was born in the State of Kosrae on January 26, 1953.
to Deputy Chief for the Division of South Pacific Affairs.
Alik was appointed the FSMs Ambassador to Japan.
India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.
four-year representative to the 15th FSM Congress.
President Alik is married to the former Shra C.