Secretary of Education Casiano Shoniber of Micronesia, Federated States of

Casiano Shoniber has just been confirmed to be the Secretary of Education.
Shoniber has proved himself worth of the position as he made a lot of improvement on the Pohnpei State Department of Education while he was the Director.
Shoniber is the last person on earth that I expect to make any change in the system.
Stoix:Director Shoniber is indeed vying for a challenge against his unlce, Senator Halbert.
Shoniber is still able to enter the US soil without having to go through the usual negative legal action from the Immigration and custom at the check point in every US port of entery? It's hard to imagine having someone banned from entering any US jurisdiction however, the subject in question is still able to do so as he wish.
Shoniber is doing the right thing.
Shoniber knows he does not have a chance to maintian his post comes next Governor.
Shoniber is well educated with an MBA in General Education from the Mainland.
Shoniber was given TEMPORARY waiver from the US Embassy in Kolonia to enable his participation in the workshop in Hawaii.
shoniber has BA and Halbert has an AS.