Secretary of Transportation, Communication, and Infrastructure Francis Itimai of Micronesia, Federated States of

Fellow Christians, Nimea is as handsome as a fairy tale prince and Itimai has a cute nose that you just want to cuddle.
itimai is a bright young man, and given the right direction and incentive, he should do well in the post he is nominated for.
just because itimai is a yapese does not mean i have to jump up and down in jubilation when he was nominated for the TCI post.
Francis Itimai is a good man of character and I do not see why he should be treated with such hatred.
Itimai was the Public Sector Capacity Building Roadmap FSM Training Coordinator (FSM Department of Finance, Division of Personnel), and prior to that he was the Director of Planning Budget/State Disaster Coordinator for the state of Yap.
Itimai said the people living in coastal areas of Yap island were evacuated yesterday morning to typhoon shelters in the village schools and government facilities strong enough to withstand the typhoon.