Speaker of the Congress Isaac Figir of Micronesia, Federated States of

Senator Primo said that he'd heard no talk of impeachment and Speaker Figir said that it was news to him.
Speaker Figir said he hopes the message is conveyed to the Executive Branch that "we are ready to work with him (the President), and we must proceed, on behalf of the people of this nation…" Vice Speaker Moses said that he would be looking into whether or not the nomination of Maketo Robert was legal.
Senator Isaac Figir was appointed as the new chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means, Senator Alik L.
Figir is not happy with the negotiations of the compact.
ahead, which they sometimes display, “the future pillars of the FSM.
in the hypothetical scenario above, urusemal gets elected to the executive branch, isaac figir takes his four-year seat, and all hell breaks loose in the tussle for figir's two-year seat.
after all, if figir comes to occupy the four-year seat, then urusemal will have to compete against the eventual winner of the two-year seat in about four years' time.
I think Vincent Figir is the guy to watch if JU hops again to the executive branch.
Isaac Figir has no intention to challenge Ramon or run for the four year seat unless Ramon will not win the election and the potential candidate may not fit in well.
Ramon is outspoken while Figir remains silent most of the time and for this reason Figir let Ramon do the talking while he reserved himself out of way of criticism.
This doesn't meant that Ramon is a puppet of Figir as you said because Ramon will go and tell people what he believes without any discern to what Figir had already told him or the people.
Figir has a hard time keeping up with Ramon as he go around big mouthing himself in public and Figir wonder what’s going on but once they sit together Ramon brief Figir on public opinions.
Vincent Figir is eager to run for the four year seat.
figir is an increasingly polarizing figure in yapese politics, far more so than the more genial and diplomatic i.
figir has a far more extensive network of connections in the outer islands of yap, nurtured through decades of lavish trips and special congressional earmarks.
Former President is in the seat as he did not make it to Presidency and I don't think the honorable Peyal is seeking re-election at least not until after four years from now and Senator Figir has won the speakership at least during the next two years, former Governor Figir, Secretary Yatilman, Mathias Kuor, Jesse Tamel, Simion M, Larry R, Jesse R.
Mr Figir says women may not enter the race for Congress, because of the dominance of politics by men.
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PALIKIR, Pohnpei On April 08 2008, Speaker Isaac V.
Figir met with Navy Admiral Timothy J.
Figir had talks with Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong, met with State President Nguyen Minh Triet and worked with the leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and a number of economic and cultural places in Quang Ninh, HCM City and Can Tho.