Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Anatolie Gorodenco of Moldova

Anatolie Gorodenco has expressed gratitude towards the Swedish Government’s support offered to our country for agricultural sector relaunching, land reform, assistance initiated in 1996 and which took amplitude in 1998, as well as SIDA’s valuable contribution of 1.
On 19 April 2005, upon the Parliament vote of confidence and by Presidential Decree, Anatolie Gorodenco is appointed Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry.
Gorodenco says that since the programme was approved in 2006, no significant steps have been made in the process of consolidation.
Avoiding any names, Anatolie Gorodenco says that six localities have already been selected for the pilot projects of land consolidation.
Gorodenco says that the six villages were selected out of a total of 100 suggested localities willing to get involved in the process.
Moldova could export to the Republic of Belarus about 80,000 tonnes of fruits and vegetables in 2005, up by 20,000 tonnes against the planned volume, Moldovan Agriculture and Food Minister Anatolie Gorodenco said at a meeting with Belarussian Ambassador to Chisinau Vasili Sakovich, the ministry’s press service reported recently.
Gorodenco said Moldova has scheduled to provide Belarus with about 30,000 tonnes of fruits, against 26,000 tonnes in 2004, and about 10,000 tonnes of vegetables in 2005, against 3,500 tonnes exported in 2004.
Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Anatolie Gorodenco said recently the alimentation safety of the country will be insured, following also wheat imports.
of vegetables in 2005, against 3,500 tonnes exported in 2004.
On the other hand, Gorodenco said that the harvest of grains increased by 100 per cent in the entire Black Sea region, which makes the foreign market to stagnate.
On the right bank of the Dniester , the Moldovan authorities started vaccinating people in order to avoid an eventual epidemic caused by floods, Agriculture and Food Minister Anatolie Gorodenco said on Friday, 1 August.