Minister of Culture and Tourism Artur Cozma of Moldova

Artur Cozma was appointed to serve as culture and tourism minister on 19 April 2009 when the Tarlev 2 cabinet was set up.
Culture and Tourism Minister Artur Cozma was the only representative of the Moldovan central leadership to attend the event.
Asked about journalists about the meaning of this day for him, Cozma said that the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, for Moldovans first of all, in 1991 achieved two important victories for our statehood, that is, they proclaimed their independence and declared our language as state language dressing it up in new cloths, the Latin script.
Asked what his opinion about the correct name of the language spoken in Moldova is, Cozma said that it is not the name of the language that matters but the way it is spoken, studied and promoted.
The minister of culture and tourism Artur Cozma said that the Plan includes scientific and cultural actions, international scientific conferences, round tables, seminars.
Minister of Culture and Tourism Artur Cozma said that the Ministry of Information Development and the state enterprise must create a joint computerized information system on the accounting of tourist travels.