First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Dodon of Moldova

First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Trade Igor Dodon had a meeting with the directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in Kiev.
According to the ministry, Dodon was to.
Allegations by Transnistrian leaders that Moldova will begin collecting taxes from Transnistria economic entities, which actively export their products, are groundless, First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Trade Igor Dodon said at a briefing on Monday.
The significant strengthening of the Moldovan leu versus foreign currencies creates huge problems for local exporters of services and goods, Moldovan Minister of Economics and Trade Igor Dodon said in an interview with Radio Moldova Monday night, September 18 ( INFOTAG.
Dodon said that the government and the National Bank of Moldova are taking concerted actions aimed at reducing the negative impact of the strong leu on exporters.
Igor Dodon said that the daily purchase of currency on the market does not allow the leu to gain strength, but at the same time it leads to an increase in the number of lei which, in its turn, leads to a rise in inflation which was 7.
the First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Dodon had a visit to Moscow during which he met with the management of Gazprom and Inter RAO EES.
2008-07-09Why did Grechanyi and Dodon Lie?The Journalistic Investigations Centercomments|339views After the publication, on 27 June, in the newspaper Timpul , of our investigation on the schemes of import of electric power from Ukraine, both Prime Minister Zinaida Grechanyi and First Deputy Minister Igor Dodon denied the existence of intermediaries in the import of energy from Ukraine.
Igor DODON, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Minister of Economy and Trade Audience Hours Born 18 February 1975 in the village of Sadova, Straseni District, Igor Dodon is a graduate of the Agrarian University of Moldova, Department of Economy, also the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova Department of Management; and the International Institute of Management Department of Economic Law.
Igor Dodon is married and father of a child.
Igor Dodon says the decision on restricting cement trade margin to 20% is a provisional measure that may be cancelled after cement production in the country increases.
Minister Dodon discussed economic trends in the country, investment opportunities for US.
Moldovan Economy Minister Igor Dodon said that the annual remittance volume gained by Moldovan workers abroad this year would reach $1.